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  1. stream of conciousness
    an attempt to reproduce the unembellished flow of thoughts in the human mind
  2. style
    the manner in which the author uses words, shapes ideas, forms sentences, and creates a structure to convey ideas
  3. surrealism
    an attempt to reproduce and interpret the images of the unconscious mind as manifested in dreams
  4. symbolism
    the use of one object to suggest another
  5. synecdoche
    a figure of speech in which a part signifies the whole or the whole signifies the part
  6. tension
    presenting the image suggests the idea
  7. theme
    the main idea or meaning
  8. tone
    the author's attitude toward the subject being written about
  9. tragedy
    a form of literature in which the hero is destroyed by some character flaw
  10. transcendentalism
    a form of romanticism, largely of a philosophical nature
  11. trope
    the use of a word in a figurative sense
  12. verbal irony
    a discrepancy between the true meaning of a situation and the literal meaning of the spoken words
  13. verisimilitude
    similar to truth
  14. villanelle
    a french verse form calculated to appear simple but consisting of 19 lines and a prescribed rhyme scheme
  15. voice
    the real or assumed personality used by a writer or speaker
  16. wit
    the quickness of intellect and the power and talent for saying brilliant things
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