Capitulum Octāvum Taberna Rōmāna

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  1. taberna, tabernae

    2 TA-

    noun (f., 1st declension)
    • a rude dwelling, hut, cabin
    • a place of business, booth, shop, stall, office
    • an inn, tavern
    • an archway in the circus
  2. gemma, gemmae


    noun (f., 1st declension)
    • a bud, eye, gem
    • a precious stone, jewel, gem
    • a wrought gem
    • an eye (of a peacock's tail)
  3. margarīta, margarītae


    noun (f., 1st declension)
    a pearl
  4. tabernārius, tabernāriī


    noun (m., 2nd -IUS declension)
    a shop-keeper, petty tradesman, peddler
  5. ōrnāmentum, ōrnāmentī


    noun (n., 2nd declension)
    • apparatus, accoutrement, equipment, furniture, trappings
    • a mark of honor, decoration, adornment, ornament, embellishment, jewel, trinket
    • [figuratively] an ornament, distinction
    • rhetorical ornament
  6. ānulus, ānulī

    1 ĀNUS

    noun (m., 2nd declension)
    a ring, finger-ring, seal-ring, signet-ring
  7. līnea, līneae
    (līnia, līniae)


    noun (f., 1st declension)
    • a linen thread, string, line, plumb-line
    • a line, mark, bound, limit, goal
  8. digitus, digitī


    noun (m., 2nd declension)
    • a finger
    • a toe
    • a finger's breadth, inch (the sixteenth part of a pes)
  9. collum, collī

    noun (n., 2nd declension)
    a neck
  10. pretium, pretiī


    noun (n., 2nd declension)
    • a price, money value, value in exchange
    • value, worth
    • pay, hire, wages, bribe
    • [figuratively] worth, value, esteem
    • recompense, return, reward
    • with operae, a return for trouble, worth the effort, worth while
  11. sēstertius, sēstertia, sēstertium


    adjective (2-1-2)
    • two and a half
    • [as subst m. (sc. nummus; gen plur. sestertiu_m)] a sesterce (a small silver coin, originally two and a half asses, worth twopence and half a farthing sterling, or four and one tenth cents)
    • [plur n. as subst. with ellipse of milia] thousands of sesterces
  12. pecūniōsus, pecūniōsa, pecūniōsum


    adjective (2-1-2)
    moneyed, rich, wealthy
  13. gemmātus, gemmāta, gemmātum


    adjective (2-1-2)
    set with jewels, jewelled
  14. medius, media, medium


    adjective (2-1-2)
    • in the middle, in the midst, mid, mean, middle
    • [figuratively] of the middle, middling, medial, moderate
    • undetermined, undecided, neutral
    • indifferent, not imperative
    • intermediate
    • central, intimate, profound, essential
  15. quartus, quarta, quartum


    adjective (2-1-2)
    the fourth
  16. vīgintī

    adjective (indeclinable)
  17. octōgintā


    adjective (indeclinable)
  18. nōnāgintā

    adjective (indeclinable)
    [num] ninety
  19. vēndit - 3rd person singular present active indicative

    vēndō, vēndere, vēndidī, vēnditus

    VENUM + DO

    VENUM + DO

    verb (3rd conjugation)
    • to sell, vend
    • [figuratively] to sell, give for a bribe, yield for pay, betray
    • to cry up, trumpet, blazon, praise
  20. cōnsistit - 3rd person singular present active indicative

    cōnsistō, cōnsistere, cōnstitī, cōnstitus


    verb (3rd conjugation)
    • to stand still, stand, halt, stop, take a stand, post oneself
    • to set, grow hard, become solid
    • to take a stand, take position, assume an attitude, stand forth, set oneself
    • [of troops] to stand, form, halt, make a halt, take position, be posted, make a stand
    • to abide, stay, settle, tarry, have a place of business
    • [figuratively] to pause, dwell, delay, stop
  21. emit - 3rd person singular present active indicative

    emō, emere, ēmī, ēmptus



    verb (3rd conjugation)
    • to buy, purchase
    • [figuratively] to buy, buy up, purchase, pay for, gain, acquire, procure, obtain
  22. aspicit - 3rd person singular present active indicative

    aspiciō, aspicere, aspēxī, aspectus
    adspiciō, adspicere, adspēxī, adspectus



    verb (3rd IO conjugation)
    • to look at, look upon, behold, look
    • to observe, examine, inspect
    • [of places] to look to, lie toward
    • [figuratively] to observe, consider, weigh, ponder
    • to regard, respect
    • to investigate
  23. abit - 3rd person singular present active indicative

    abeō, abīre, abīvī, abitus


    verb (ire conjugation)
    • to go from, go away, go off, go forth, go, depart
    • [in particular] to pass away, disappear, vanish, cease, die
    • [of time] to pass away, elapse, expire
    • [of change] to pass over, be transferred
    • [hence] to be changed, be transformed, be metamorphosed
    • [figuratively] to depart from, leave off, turn aside
  24. accipit - 3rd person singular present active indicative

    accipiō, accipere, accēpī, acceptus

    AD + CAPIO

    verb (3rd IO conjugation)
    • to take without effort, receive, get, accept
    • [of voluntary taking] to take, accept, take into possession, receive
    • to admit, let int
    • o take under protection
    • to receive as a guest, entertain, welcome
    • [ironically] to entertain, deal with, treat
  25. ōrnat - 3rd person singular present active indicative

    ōrnō, ōrnāre, ōrnāvī, ōrnātus

    verb (1st conjugation)
    • to fit out, furnish, provide, supply, equip, get ready, prepare
    • to ornament, adorn, embellish, deck, set off
    • [figuratively] to adorn, decorate, set off, commend, praise, extol, honor, dignify, distinguish
  26. clāmat - clāmō, clāmāre, clāmāvī, clāmātus

    1 CAL-

    verb (1st conjugation)
    • [intransitively] to call, cry out, shout aloud, complain aloud
    • [transitively] to call aloud, call upon, proclaim, declare, invoke
    • [figuratively] to proclaim, declare
  27. mōnstrat - 3rd person singular present active indicative

    mōnstrō, mōnstrāre, mōnstrāvī, mōnstrātus


    verb (1st conjugation)
    • to point out, exhibit, make known, indicate, inform, advise, teach, instruct, tell
    • to ordain, institute, appoint
    • to advise, urge, stimulate
  28. ostendit
    3rd person singular present active indicative
    3rd person singular perfect active indicative

    ostendō, ostendere, ostendī, ostentus
    -, -, -, ostensus



    verb (3rd conjugation)
    • to stretch out, spread before, expose to view, show, point out, exhibit, display
    • [figuratively] to show, hold out, disclose, exhibit, manifest
    • to show, express, indicate, declare, say, tell, make known
  29. cōnstat - 3rd person singular present active indicative

    cōnstō, cōnstāre, cōnstitī, - (cōnstātūrus)


    verb (1st conjugation)
    • to agree, accord, be consistent, correspond, fit
    • to stand firm, be immovable, be firm, be unmoved, abide, be unchanged, last, persevere, endure
    • to be certain, be ascertained, be known, be settled, be established
    • to be fixed, be determined, be resolved
    • to exist, be extant, remain
    • to consist of, be composed of
  30. convenit - 3rd person singular present active indicative

    conveniō, convenīre, convēnī, conventus


    verb (4th conjugation)
    • to come together, meet, assemble, gather, come in a body
    • to address, accost, meet, visit, obtain an interview with
    • [figuratively] to come, fall
    • to come to a decision, be concluded, be agreed on, be settled
    • [impers] it is agreed, is settled
    • to fit, be adapted to
  31. alius, alia, aliud

    2 AL-

    adjective (UNUS NAUTA Alius)
    • another, other, different
    • one ... the other, some ... others
  32. ille, illa, illud
    (olle, olla, ollud)

    pronoun (demonstrative)
    • that
    • [substantive] he, she, it
    • that, the ancient, the well-known, the famous
    • that man, that woman, that person, that thing
  33. tantus, tanta, tantum

    1 TA-

    adjective (2-1-2)
    • of such size, of such a measure, so great, such
    • so great, so very great, so important
    • so great, such
    • [as subst n.] so much, so many
    • [in genit. of price] of such value, worth so much
    • [in abl. of difference] by so much, so much the
  34. quantus, quanta, quantum

    2 CA-

    adjective (2-1-2)
    • [relative as correl. with tantus] of what size, how much, as
    • [with ellips. of tantus] as great as, as much as
    • [as subst n.] as much as, all that, as
    • [especially genit. of price] for how much, at the price that
    • [interrogative as adjective] how great? how much? of what amount?
    • [as subst n.] how much
  35. satis


    2 SA-

    adjective (indeclinable)
    • enough, sufficient, satisfactory, ample, adequate
    • [as subst n.] enough, a sufficiency
    • [in law in phrases with do] satisfaction, security, guaranty
  36. nimis


    1 MA-

    • beyond measure, too much, overmuch, excessively, too
    • beyond measure, exceedingly, greatly
    • with a negative, not much, not very much, not especially, not very
  37. aut


    or ... or

    either ... or
  38. prōnōmen, prōnōminis


    noun (n., 3rd declension)
    a pronoun
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