the age of exploration teste

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  1. who was the viking explorer?
    leif ericson
  2. who found the west indies?
    christipher culumbus
  3. whos crew was the first to sail around the world?
  4. where was Magelon sailing from?
  5. who looked for the fountain of you?
    pons daleon
  6. Europe reached far east by sea?
    basco de gama
  7. what country called was called subcontinen because of its great size?
  8. name two things that Indian is surrounded by?
    hemalae mountain and balyabenbal
  9. first Englishman to sail around the world
    sir Francis drake
  10. why did most of spanish come to new world?
    because of the riches
  11. what were the french looking of in the new land?
    firs and the north west passage
  12. first one to cross europe by land?
    marco polo
  13. magor religion of india
  14. name the catigories of the caste system
    • 1. priest and scholors
    • 2. wariors and rulersĀ 
    • 3. skilled workers and merchantsĀ 
    • 4. unskilled workers
  15. who crossed the ismas of panama?
  16. who concored azteck Indian, where were they from?
    hornando, spain
  17. who was the leader of aztec?
  18. whats montazumas revenge?
    were theres something in the water and it gave you diarea
  19. who concored incas, and when?
    pomce de leon, in 1513
  20. what was coneastadoras mean?
  21. who was the founder of buddhism?
  22. who found the grand canion? and were was he from?
    cornado, and spain
  23. largest continent?
  24. largest country?
  25. what is the basic belief of daoism?
    live closer with nature
  26. country with largest population?
  27. who was our country named after?
    amerigo vesvuski
  28. who had school of navigation,were he is from?
    prince henry the navigator
  29. who was the father of missions?
    william carey
  30. name culumbuses ships
    penta and ninia
  31. longest fortification?
    wall of china
  32. were was the first perminant english settlement?
    james town
  33. what does nervana mean?
    a paridise
  34. name some dynasies in china
    shang, chow, chin, and han dynasty
  35. which dynasty was during the height of ancient china?
    han dynasty
  36. confusiouses basic teaching on life and death?
    did not believe in life after death
  37. what was the greatest accomplishment of chin dynasty?
    united the kingdom of china, great wall of china
  38. what was the greatest accomplishments of hon dynasty?
    first movable type, paper, great silk road
  39. were did the great silk road go from
    china rome
  40. what does anthropomorphism mean?
    giving none human things human characteristics
  41. who established the largest empire?
    genghis khan
  42. oldest surviving religion in japan?
  43. religion introduced to japan by corean in 500?
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