History 1700 Pre- Test 2

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  1. What is the Alien and sedition acts of 1798: Naturalization act.
    • * Naturalization act : Instead of 7 years to become US Citizen ,its going to take 14 years.
    • * Alien act: Any citizen or naturalized immigrant if they were considered danger against the president, the president has the right of deport that person.
    • * Sedition act: any American citizen, criticize the president, or political views
  2. Madison and Jefferson oppose to the alien and sedition acts with the Virginia and Kentucky  resoluitions
    * States has the right of nullify federal legislation if the majority of the people living in the states vote to do so
  3. Who is the third president  of the United States, and who is the vice president?
    • President: Thomas Jefferson
    • Vice-President: Aaron Burr
  4. Marbury vs. Madison establish the concept of judicial review
    *Before Adams leave the presidency he make sure that vacancy for judges,however Jefferson put a democrat-republican instead. * John Marshal side with Jefferson. * Gives the supreme court of judicial review
  5. U.S. fights war against Arab pirates based in Tripoli and Stephen Decatur wins fame
    * Tripoli Tunisia Arab pirates* Jefferson tried of to buy the pirates. * Philadelphia biggest ship from the U.S. navy. * American fleet was lead by Stephen Decatur
  6. The Louisiana purchase of 1803
    • * Jefferson buy Louisiana from France
    • * Lewis and Clark explore the territory
    • * Zacayulia Indian woman
    • * Zebulon pikes explore the Southwest
  7. Reason for the war of 1812
    • * British continue to seize american ships and impress sailors during their war with France.
    • * America destiny
    • * Battle of Tippecanoe
  8. What's the name of the Indian Chief that joins alliance with the British? 
    Chief Tecumseh
  9. American are tempted by the prospect of taking Canada easily
    * Manifest of taking Canada
  10. General British that captures Detroit in August 16 by more than two to one
    * General Isaac Brock
  11. What is the name of the battle where general Brock is kill? American force that outnumbered 6 to 1
    * Queenston Heights
  12. With around 1000 men the British defeat an American army of around 8000. 8/1 american still lose the battle
    * Battle of Cryslers farm on Nov. 11 1813
  13. The British burn Washington D.C. in 1814
    * Destroy the presidential mansion
  14. In Fort McHenry   was a prisoner and watch the battle he was inspire to write Star Mangled banner
    * Francis Scott Key
  15. Andrew Jackson defeats the Indian in 1814, what's the name of that battle?
    * Horseshoe bend
  16. What's the name of the last battle that took place after the war ended, where French pirates helped the Americans?
    • * The Battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815
    • * Jean Lafitte French pirate that helped the Americans
  17. New England almost secedes from the Union, what's the name of that meeting?
    * The Hartford convention, took place in Conneticut
  18. Why Andrew Jackson was popular?
    • * Indian removal act.
    • * Taxes( poor white man can vote)
    • * Era of the common man
    • * Northern industry
  19. Why Andrew Jackson was unpopular?
    • * Jackson king mob
    • * Trashed the presidential mansion
    • * Destroy the bank of US
    • * Tariff of abomination ( John Calhoun)
    • * Dueling (bag of marbles) Peggy Eaton
  20. What is the compromise tariff of 1833. Henry Clay works on it?
    * South agree to pay the tariff and North agree to lower the prices
  21. Reasons of industrial revolution
    * Immigration: population boom
  22. What's the first industry to become mechanized? 
    * Textile industry
  23. Who's the person that invest the cotton gin?
    * Eli Whitney
  24. The father of the American industrial revolution. steal ideas from Britain and brings it to America
    * Samuel Slater
  25. Creates the modern steam engine, results in the expansion of rail roads, the growth of factories, the growth pf cities
    * James Watt
  26. Who rediscover the concrete in 1756?
    * John Smeaton
  27. Smelts high quality iron ore
    * Abraham Darby
  28. Invent the steam ship, or steam engine
    * Robert Fulton
  29. key Indian tribes of the west
    * The Sioux, Comanche, Crow nez perce, Arapaho, Shoshone, Ute, Osage, Kiowa, Blackfeet and Apache
  30. Name some stops in the Oregon trail
    * Independence Missouri, Independence Rock, Chimney Rock, Nebraska, Columbia river or Barlow road, Fort Bridger, Fort Laramie
  31. Famous mountain men/explores Trail Blazers
    * Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, John C. Freemont, Etienne Provost, John Colter
  32. kill a bear, in the land of the free, trapper ,scout, Indian fighter, representative of the State of Tennessee, and died in the war El alamo
    * David Crocket
  33. Famous for scalp sewing his own head
    * Jedidiah Smith
  34. He was capture by the Indians and told them get back , get back and showed up naked and dripping wet to town
    * John Colter
  35. Mountain man, trail blazer found a route to Appalachian mountains, and inspire to do the movie of the last Mohican , and rescue his daughter
    * Daniel Boone
  36. Who discover the Great Salt Lake?
    * Jim Bridger
  37. Explore central and southern Utah and prominent in the Mexican war
    * John C. Freemont
  38. Explore the Great Salt Lake and and engrave his initials on a tree, and prominent during the Mexican war
    * Kit Carson
  39. Methods of transportation in the wild west?
    • * Wagon, pulled by oxen
    • * Hand carts
  40. Key trails beside the Oregon trail
    • * California trail
    • * Mormon trail
    • * Santa Fe trail
  41. The last of the conquistador that conquers Santa Fe with 60 men in 1692
    Don Diego de Vargas
  42. Group of people that inspire horror film, they participate in Cannivalism
    * The Donner & Reed party
  43. Colonel Connor defeat the Shoshonies in 1863
    * The battle of Bear River
  44. Mormon militia that defeat John D. Lee. What's the name of that battle?
    * Mountain Meadows Massacre
  45. Pre-civil war city in Nevada, famous for being mining town
    * Virginia City
  46. Prior to the railroad, it was use to transport messages and packages.
    * The pony express
  47. This city was famous because cowboys got paid, and they spend their money in Prostitutes, and they kill each other.
    * Dodge city
  48. If you are rich and wanting to go west, what kind of transportation you would take?
    * Stagecoach
  49. Who are the three people in charge in El Alamo?
    • * David Crockett
    • * Travis
    • * Jim Bowie
  50. Santa Ana massacres Americans, what's the name of the battle?
    * Goliad
  51. What's the name of the battle where Santa Ana is defeated by the Texan army, leaded by Sam Houston?
    * San Jacinto
  52. Who was the person who set settlers to Texas in 1822?
    * Stephen Austin
  53. Who was the priest  who preach rebellion in Mexico?
    Padre Hidalgo
  54. Who was the president of the United States during the civil war?
    * James K. Polk in1845
  55. Reasons why the Texans rebel against Mexico
    • * Immigration
    • * Liberal constitution
    • * Texas join to the U.S.
    • * Manifest destiny
  56. Battles where Zachary Taylor win against the Mexican army
    • * Battle of Palo Alto
    • * Battle of Resaca de la Palma
    • * Battle of Monterrey
    • * Battle of Buena Vista(5,000 US vs. 15,000 Mex
  57. Future American General that is almost capture , and hide in logs from the Mexican army?
    * Robert E. Lee
  58. Most famous battle and last one that American fought with Mexicans in Mexico city, Mexican Academy.
    * The battle of Chapultepec
  59. What;s the name of the treaty that ended the civil war?
    * The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  60. American most famous commander during the Mexican war
    • * Zachary Taylor ( Old rough and ready)
    • * Wilson Scott (Old fuzz and feathers)
  61. How Zachary Taylor old rough and ready) died?
    * Stomach pups eating rotten pickles and drinking sour milk in 100 degrees weather
  62. What is the name of the movement to destroy slavery?
    * Abolitionism movement
  63. During slavery what other issues have been compromise before?
    • * States rights
    • * Representation in the south
    • * Government working effectively
  64. Who is the former slave , who get slaves to escape in the underground railroad?
    * Harriet Tubman
  65. Black abolitionist that argued that slavery have to end and write about equal rights
    * Frederick Douglas
  66. Establish American anti-slavery Society
    * William Lloyd Garrison
  67. Woman the wrote the book Uncle Tom's cabin
    Harriet Beecher Stowe
  68. Agreement where the south allow to join the slave state and made a diving line with the slaves states and the North ( free states) by Henry Clay
    * Missouri compromise of 1820
  69. The compromise of 1850 of Southern Henry Clay and northern Daniel Webster . California joins as a free state
    * California compromise
  70. Civil war in Kansas and Nebraska would vote to be a free or slave
    * Bleeding Kansas
  71. Wants to establish free state in Kansas and in the whole south
    * John Brown in 1859
  72. Minister protestant that creates his riffles bibles
    * Henry Ward Beecher and his Beecher's bibles
  73. Operate in the border, and attack abolitionist and try to vote for abolitionist cause
    * The border Ruffians
  74. Slave that argue to be free because was taken to a free state, this case was in the supreme court 
    * Dread Scott case
  75. Violence, famous beat down where southern representative breaks his cane in the head of Northern represntative
    * Charles Summer of Massachusetts is beaten by Preston Brooks of South Carolina
  76. Last minute attempt and compromise fail, Lincoln will persuade other against
    * Missouri compromise
  77. Why the Yankees and Lincoln fought at war?
    * Preserve the Union
  78. Average southerner people why they fought in the civil war?
    • * States rights
    • * Independence
    • * Freedom from Tyranny
  79. Why everyone knew that Lincoln would be a president before he gets elected?
    * The democratic party splinters into north and South
  80. Who become president of confederacy states of America? 
    * Jefferson Davis
  81. Thomas J. Jackson wins the day for the south. becomes "Stone wall Jackson" militia and zouaves. the federal lose 3,000 and south loses 2,000 men
    * First battle of Manassas / Bull Run
  82. General Lee with 85,00 men defeat General McClellan 10,000 by July 1, 1862
    * Seven day's battle
  83. Jackson comes around to pope's rear while Lee & James Longstreet takes in flank and smashes pope's 50,00 man army.

    General Henry Halleck decide to unite McClellan with General Pope's army
    Second battle of Manassas / Bull Run
  84. What's the name of the battle where McClellan move to intercept Lee. Single day bloody battle
    * Sharpsburg
  85. Ambrose E. Burnside takes command with 122,000 federaltroops. Yankees lost. Stone wall and the angel of Marye's Heights. December 13, 1862
    * Fredericksburg battle
  86. General Hooker split his forces and  its considerate the turning point of the civil war
    * The battle of Gettysburg
  87. what is the name of the battle where Stone wall Jackson died?

    Lee greatest victory
    * Battle of Chancellorsville
  88. Lee prevent the Union from using artillery. Men are burned alive when the forest catches fire
    * The battle of Wilderness
  89. General John Sedwick is killed by a sniper after boasting that snipers " couldn't hit an elephant at this dis...tance''
    * Battle of Spotsylvania
  90. General Grant makes a frontal assault that is very costly, he loses 7,000 men in 30 mins. Grant gets the name '' butcher"
    * Cold Harbor
  91. Last big battle of the civil war?

    Grant's original army is reduce to 60%
    * The battle of Petersburg
  92. The battle where world war one style trench warfare begins on July 30, 1864
    * The battle of the Crater
  93. What's the name of the battle where General Lee surrendered?
    * The battle of Appomattox Court House
  94. Who kill AB. Lincoln and where?
    * John Wilkes Booth ant Ford's theather
  95. What's the motto of the French legion?
    * March or die
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