Unit 11 Vocab

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  1. Diffident
    • adj. Shy, not assertive
    • A shrinking violet is another way to describe a diffident person.
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  2. Fidelity
    • n. faithfulness/loyalty
    • His fidelity was both flattering and embarrassing to his girlfriend.
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  3. Confide
    • v. to trust in another with information
    • I confide in my best friend constantly about my emotions.
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  4. Fallacy
    • n. misleading idea/a lie
    • I'd like to think they liked me back, but I also try to convince myself it's just a fallacy.
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  5. Fallacious
    • adj. misleading/deceptive
    • His platonic actions were unintentionally fallacious, and she fell for him.
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  6. Fallible
    • adj. imperfect, capable of being mistaken
    • Despite believing herself stronger than this, the walls around her heart were obviously more fallible than she expected.
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  7. Credible
    • adj. level of trustworthy
    • He was a very credible person, and always had reliable sources.
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  8. Credence
    • n. trust or belief
    • His credence in his religion was solid and unmovable.
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  9. Credulity
    • n. tendency to believe things to quickly
    • The rumor was obviously very fake, but her naive credulity let her believe every word of it.
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  10. Incredulous
    • adj. unable to believe
    • Her story seemed overly-dramatic, so I stayed incredulous of the situation.
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  11. Dubious
    • adj. uncertain/doubtful
    • The philosophy question left her in a dubious state of mind.
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  12. Indubitable
    • adj. absolute and certain
    • Global warming is an indubitable truth
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  13. Redoubtable
    • adj. worthy of respect, formidable
    • He was a redoubtable fighter, and has remained undefeated for years.
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