Muscles 3 Torso (lab)

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    Pectoralis Major

    O Clavicle, sternum

    I humerus, below greater tubercle

    A adduct, flex, medially rotate humerus
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    Not visible on models
    Pectoralis Minor

    O ribs 3-5

    I Coracoid process

    A depresses scapula
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    Seratus Anterior

    O ribs 1-9

    I scapula (medial and inferior border)

    A Abducts scapula
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    O xiphoid, ribs 1-5, L1-L5

    I Central tendon

    A pulls central tendon down during inspiration
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    External Intercostal (left)

    O Lower margin of ribs

    • I rib below
    • A draws ribs up during inspiration

    Internal intercostals (right)

    O upper margin of ribs

    I rib above

    A draws ribs down during expiration
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    Splenius Capitis

    O C7-T3

    I occipital, temporal bone

    A extends and rotate head at neck
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    O Sternum, clavicle

    I mastoid process

    A both sides flex neck. One rotates head
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    Middle scalene

    O C2-C7, posterior transverse processes

    I 1st rib

    A elevates rib 1-2 in inspiration, flex head laterally
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