AST 3-3

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  1. biodueden containment prevents
    cross contamination
  2. unsterile size of the perimeter of a sterile wrap
    1 inch
  3. substance that inhibits growth and reproduction of microbes is
    an antiseptic
  4. if a discrepancy occurs in identification of a patient in nursing unit
    do not transport, inform unit supervisor and OR personnel
  5. why would a pt be instructed to shower at home with anti microbial soap prior to a procedure
    achieve a cumulative antimicrobial effect
  6. sequence of events prior to entering a sterile field
    scrub, gown, glove
  7. area prepped for bartholin cystectomty
  8. drape table from
    front to back
  9. if arm placed at greater that 90 degrees on arm board could injur
    brachial plexus
  10. purpose of third lumen in a 3 way foley catheter
    instill irrigation fluids
  11. enlarges and illuminates the surgical field during cataract procedures
    operating microscope
  12. small radiopaque surgical patties used during cranial procedures
  13. hemostatic agent the must be applied dry and handled only with dry gloves and instruments
  14. phacoemulsification machine used in
    ophthalmology surgery
  15. carbon dioxide laser not to be used in posterior chamber of the eye
  16. where in heart are leads for permanent pacemaker placed
    Right ventricle
  17. pancreaticojeunstomy
    used to for alcoholic pancreatitis
  18. bookwalter retractor used in
    retropubic prostactectomy
  19. which caranial nerve as severed as a last result for meniere's disease
  20. brachytherapy is used to treat
    cervical cancer
  21. performed to improve vison of patients with myopia
    radial keratotomy
  22. facial fx that involves complete separation of maxilla from the cranial base
    LeFort I
  23. incision for caldwell-Luc procedure
    canine fossa
  24. device used to assess real-time inoperative blood flow
  25. chemical reaction tht provides energy by the breakdown of food is
  26. structure of the ear responsible for equilibrium
    semicircular canals
  27. first step of urine production when fluids are forced through a membrane by pressure is called
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