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  1. what are s-waves
    s-waves are slower than p-waves. They oscillate at 90`to direction of travel. They can also not travel through liquid.
  2. What are P-waves
    P-waves are faster and these oscillate(move back and forth) in the same direction as travel.
  3. What is the structure of the earth
    • Image UploadCrust-solid
    •                         Mantle-solid
    •                         Outer core-liquid
    •                         Inner core-solid
  4. How do we know the structure of the earth?
    S-Waves can't travel through the outer core proving it's a liquid.
  5. What are the two types of waves?
    S-waves and p-waves. You can also have surface waves
  6. What is refraction?
    Refraction occurs when a wave travels between two different types of medium it changes direction due to a speed change.
  7. What is total internal refraction?
    When light enters a material past it's critical angle it totally internally reflects within it.
  8. What is time lag and how is it used?
    Difference between s and p waves. This can be used to find the epicentre of the earthquake.
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