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  1. Optic Nerve (CN II)
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    Translates special sense of vision
  2. Optic chaism
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    where axons cross to give human binocular vision
  3. Optic tract
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    where sensory impulses from optic nerves are interpreted
  4. Superior rectus
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    Muscle of eyeball: elevation, adduction, and medial rotation
  5. Inferior rectus
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    Muscle of eyeball: depression, adduction, lateral rotation
  6. Medial rectus
    adduction of eyeball 

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  7. Lateral rectus
    abduction of eyeball 

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  8. Superior oblique
    depression of eyeball 

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  9. Inferior oblique
    elevation of eyeball 

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  10. palpebral conjuctiva
    thin membrane in inside of eyelid
  11. ocular conjunctiva
    thing membrane covering sclera
  12. Medial canthus
    medial point where eyelids meet
  13. Lateral canthus
    lateral point where eyelids meet
  14. lacrimal gland
    secretes tears 

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  15. lacrimal gland ducts
    ducts connecting gland to surface of eye 

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  16. lacrimal punctum
    two small holes in medial canthus 

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  17. uperior/Inferior lacrimal canaliculus (canal)
    thin superior duct draining lacrimal puntum to nasolacrimal duct 

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  18. Nasolacrimal duct
    drains tears into inferior conchae in nasal cavity

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  19. Sclera
    whites of eye

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  20. Choroid
    • middle vascular layer
    • -blood supply to eye

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  21. Retina
    • brown, neural, innermost layer
    • -contains rods and cones

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  22. Cornea
    • clear, dome shaped covering of eye
    • protects pupil 

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  23. Anterior cavity
    space btw cornea and lens 

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  24. Aqueous humor
    fluid secreted by posterior chamber that fills anterior cavity
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