History 1700, Test 1

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  1. True or false . War and Violence between the west and Islam started with the Crusades?
    * False
  2. 1492 was an important year for two reasons What were they ?
    • * Columbus discovered the new world 
    • * Bartolomeu Dias and the Portuguese made it to India
  3. This Portuguese explorer was the first European to make it to India
    * Vasco Da Gama
  4. The sailors of the explorer, in the service of Spain circumnavigated the glove between 1519 and 1522. They were the first to sail all the way around the world
    * Ferdinand Magellan
  5. The Spanish conquistador conquered the Aztec empire  between the years 1519 and 1521
    * Hernando Cortez
  6. Upon landing in Mexico, the Spanish are immediately attacked by thousands of Indians. Nevertheless ,as time went by many Indians sided with Spanish against the Aztecs, why was it so many Indians actually sided with Spanish?
    * The Aztecs engaged in large scale sacrifice which alienated many tribes while other natives were impressed with Spanish weaponry and had also converted to Christianity
  7. How did the conquistador who conquered the Aztecs convince many of the local Indians that christian god was more powerful than their Gods?
    * Using a Cannon hidden in the bushes he destroyed a statue of a native God
  8. This Spanish conquistador conquered the Inca empire between the years 1532 and 1536
    * Francisco Pizarro
  9. The conquest of Aztecs and conquest of Incas were incredible military feats fighting against hundreds of thousands of Indians, these conquerors were greatly outnumbered. the conquistador who defeat the Incas, for example, did it an army of only
    * 168 men
  10. Britain was saved from invasion in 1588 as a result of this. This will also help lead Britain to become the greatest sea power in the world and help facilitate the establishment of British colonies
    * The British victory over the Spanish Armada
  11. True or false. all the Indians welcome the first European settlers to the New World with kindness and actually helped the Europeans survive. The Indians would only wage war against the Europeans after the European attacked them
    * False
  12. The name of the first successfully permanent English colony in north America, in Virginia to be precise , was
    * Jamestown
  13. What was the name of the person who took command of the colony and ordered that everyone work so that settlers could survive? Pocahontas will save his life.
    * John Smith
  14. An Estimate of 12 million African salves were brought to the New World by European slave traders during the era of the salve trade. Out of those an estimate 600,000 were brought to north america. which group of people salved the most Africans overall?
    * Africans
  15. This famous puritan minister oversaw the Salem witch trials 
    * Cotton Mather
  16. For the most of the 17th 18th and 19th centuries a new balance of power existed in Europe. One Country dominated Europe on land. Another country dominated the seas. These two countries were destined to fight many, many war against each other in an attempt to dominate Europe and the World
    * France had become the strongest power on land and had the most powerful army in Europe. while Britain had the strongest & most powerful navy in the world
  17. This king helped make France the strongest land in Europe by fighting and winning several wars. Including: the war of Devolution, The dutch war, the nine years war, and the Spanish  succession. Who was this French king?
    * Louis XIV
  18. This general was instrumental and training the French army during this time period. He was know for being very stern disciplinarian and was know to break men at the wheel if they did their drill wrong
    * Martinet
  19. During the Seven years war know as the French and Indian war in the 13 colonies
    *Britannic defeat
  20. Who ultimately wins the Seven years war?
    * Britain
  21. When the american threw a whole cargo of tea into Boston harbor during the Boston tea party. They were agains
    * Declaratory act
  22. What English philosopher gave us the idea of " Natural rights?"
    * John Locke
  23. What French philosopher is well know for insistence upon the right of free speech?
    * Voltaire
  24. The wording of Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4, 1776, through it was not signed until August 2. Who was it that, far the most part, wrote the declaration of Independence?
    * Thomas Jefferson
  25. This battle was a major disaster for the Americans, George Washington had attempted to defeat New York City but had failed. The American army dropped from 20,000 men only 6,000
    * The battle of Long Island
  26. During the American revolution, who was the commander of British army in the south? He took Charleston , another defeat for the Americans, He also wiped out the American's army at the battle of Camden on August 16, 1780, it was
    * Lord Charles Cornwallis
  27. Despite the continuing success of the British, something eventually arrived to completely change the situation in the south and change the outcome of the entire war. What arrive?
    * A French army
  28. Who was the commander of this army?
    * The Comte de Rochambeau
  29. On September 5, 1781 at the battle of Chesapeake, also know as the battle of the capes, a French fleet will defeat the British fleet that was sent to rescue the British army. What was the name of the Admiral of the French fleet?
    * The Comte de Grasse
  30. This was the last battle of American revolution in the 13 colonies. Surrounded and blocked off, the British commander in the south eventually surrender in 1781 to the French and Americans at
    * The Battle of Yorktown
  31. The great compromise of 1787 is where the founding fathers agree to
    * Establish a bicameral legislature
  32. This agreement is often refereed as the " states rights'' amendment . " The powers are delegated in the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved as the states respectively as the people." This is the 
    * Tenth amendment
  33. Who was it that favored interpretation of the constitution?
    * Federalist
  34. During the french revolution , the french king was eventually force to call this assembly to gather at Versailles in May 5, 1789. It was composed of representatives of the three main groups : the Catholic clergy, the nobility and everyone else. What was the name of this assembly?
    * The Estates General
  35. July 14, 1789 is the national holiday in France, similar to July 4, 1776 here in America. What happened o July 14, 1789, What was so important?
    * The French storm the Bastille, saving the National assembly from the king's troops and giving the political initiative to the National assembly
  36. What was the name of the French king who is sent to guillotine o January 21, 1793?
    * Louis XVI
  37. Who was the leader of the committee of public safety that sent thousands of people to their death at the guillotine during the terror?
    * Maximilien Rabespierre
  38. In this battle. Napoleon faced four Austrian armies. He was running out of time, so he had to do something quickly. His solution was to run up grab the french flag and lead his men across the key bridge guarded bu the Austrians. This was the battle of
    * Arcola
  39. This one- armed and one- eyed British admiral defeated the French fleet at the battle of Trafalgar on October 21, 1805. This saved Britain from invasion. Tough he died in the battle  he became a famous British hero. What was his name?
    * Lord Horatio Nelson
  40. A new alliance against France formed in 1805. It included all of the counties of Europe, and this time it include Russia. After telling his troops that victory depend on how quickly they  could march, Napoleon made the first moved and encircled and captured a large Austrian army at this battle in October 1805
    * Ulm
  41. This is considered Napoleon greatest victory by historians. The french army, thought heavily outnumbered will defeat a combined Russian-Austrian- German allied army on Dec 2, 1805. The French imperial guard broke through the center of the allied line at Pratzen height and then enveloped the wings of the allied army. This is the battle of
    * Austerlitz
  42. Napoleon conquers Germany after defeating the Russian/Germany/ army in these two battles in 1806. The Russian commander himself was killed, shot through both eyes, while leading a charge. These were the battles of
    * Jenna and Auerstadt
  43. The Russian try to make a stand in front of Moscow in 1812. Unfortunately for the Russians they are defeated by Napoleon  again. This was the largest battle in Europe before the battles of the world war one
    * The battle of Bonodino
  44. Napoleon invasion of Russia fails because
    • * Scorched earth
    • * General winter
    • * Distances
    • *** All of the above
  45. Napoleon had much courage and charisma when Napoleon returned from Elba and landed in France the newly restored king Louis XVIII ordered General Ney, Napoleon's former friend and " the Bravest of the brave", to go arrest or kill Napoleon. when Ney ordered his men to open fire on Napoleon, what did Napoleon say?
    * He told Ney to drop his Sword
  46. Following the allied victory at the battle of Leipzig, the allies occupied France and took Paris. Napoleon was forced into exile on the island of Elba. In several months thought Napoleon returned to France. The name of Napoleon's final defeat is the battle of
    * Waterloo
  47. When Cambronne, a commander of Napoleon elite imperial guard, was called upon to surrender at Napoleon's final battle What did he say?
    • * The guard can die but it can never surrender
    • * Fuck you
    • *** Choices B and / or D
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