Ch 10 Words Part 6

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  1. pancreatitis
    inflammation of the pancreas
  2. parotitis/ sialoadenitis
    inflammation of one or both parotid glands/ salvia gland
  3. mumps
    inflammation of parotid caused by a virus
  4. peptic ulcer
    erosion of the inner wall of an organ along the GI tract
  5. peritonitis
    inflammation of the peritoneum
  6. polyposis
    presence of many polyps
  7. polyp
    any abnormal mass of tissue that projects inward from the wall of a hollow organ
  8. proctitis
    inflammation of the anus
  9. proctoptosis
    drooping or prolapse of the rectum
  10. volvulus
    severe twisting of the intestine that leads to obstruction
  11. abdominocentesis
    surgical puncture through the abdominal wall to remove fluid
  12. antacid
    agent that reduces the acidity of stomach cavity
  13. antiemetic
    drug that prevents or stops vomiting reflex
  14. antispasmodic
    drug that reduces peristalsis activity in GI tract which arrest the muscular spasms involved in diarrhea
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