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  1. What is Variation?
    • The differences between living things of the same species is called variation.
    • e.g. eye colour
  2. What is a species?
    • Living things of the same type belong to the same species.
    • e.g. humans are one species and dogs are another species.
  3. Name an inherited characteristic that is a result of genetic inheritance from the parents.
    • - eye colour
    • - blood group
    • - hair colour
    • - skin colour
  4. What do we call Variation caused by the surroundings.

    e.g. scars, accent
    Environmental variation
  5. What do we call putting different species into different groups according to their features?
  6. Chelsea has bright pink hair, what type of variation is this?
    Environmental variation
  7. Lisa has blue eyes, what type of variation is this?
    Inherited variation
  8. How much of the genetic information needed for an individual does a sperm cell contain?
    Half of the genetic information
  9. There are 5 kingdoms.

    Which one is missing from this list Plants, Fungi,Prokaryotes and Protoctists?
  10. The animal kingdom can be divided into 5 categories. Name them.
    Mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians
  11. Animals can be divided into 2 main groups, vertebrates and invertebrates. What does Vertebrates and invertebrates mean?
    Vertebrates animals with a backbone

    Invertebrates animals with no backbone
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