sat a-16a

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  1. acrimonious
    bitter in language or tone; rancorous.
  2. atheist
    one who denies the existence of God.
  3. benediction
    a blessing; the invocation of divine blessing.
  4. copious
  5. cupidity
    avarice; greed.
  6. distraught
    in a state of mental conflict and confusion; distracted.
  7. dulcet
    pleasing to the ear; melodious
  8. eclectic
    consisting of selections from various sources;
  9. immaterial
    insignificant; unimportant.
  10. querulous
    peevish; faultfinding; expressing or suggestive of complaint.
  11. retract
    to draw back or draw in; to take back a statement; to promise or to offer.
  12. risible
    capable of laughing or inclined to laugh; ridiculous.
  13. untenable
    that which cannot be maintained or occupied; incapable of being defended or held.
  14. voracious
    ravenous; greedy; gluttonous.
  15. utilitarian
    pertaining to or associated with usefulness; stressing the value of practical over aesthetic qualities.
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