FotB Buckley Act I Scene 2

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  1. Top of scene.
  2. KAY: Darling!
    [Look at watch.] I must go - I'm having dinner with the boss.
  3. KAY: Oh! The boss!
    I never seem to see you anymore!
  4. KAY: I know - stay a minute -
    [Sit on sofa, upstage from Kay.] Suddenly the world seems to be full of relatives and people you haven't seen since you were twelve -
  5. KAY: I know - isn't it disgusting! We're never by ourselves anymore.
    BUCKLEY: Still love me?
  6. KAY: Um!
    [Sit forward.] Kay -
  7. KAY: Don't go way.
    Kay -
  8. KAY: What, darling - ?
    Since we told everybody - does it seem to you - as though - ? I don't know how to say it.
  9. KAY: Well, try -
    Well - as though things have changed.
  10. KAY: You still love me?
    Don't be silly!
  11. KAY: Well, then - ?
    No - I mean - as though we don't belong to ourselves now, as though we hadn't any private lives any more - as though everything we did were things we're expected to do. Doesn't it seem that way?
  12. KAY: A little.
    Do you like it?
  13. KAY: No - I hate it. I want to just be in our little house by ourselves.
    Me, too - [Kiss] Kay - I want everything the way you want it - but -
  14. KAY: But what, darling?
    Well - it isn't going to be a great big wedding, is it?
  15. KAY: No- no - just a lovely little perfect wedding with people we love - okay?
    Okay... Kay?
  16. KAY: Uh-huh?
    You promise me?
  17. KAY: What, darling - ?
    That it won't be a big wedding?
  18. KAY: Of course, Buckley.
    You solemnly promise me?
  19. KAY: Buckley, don't you trust me?
    Yes, of course - only - about how many, Kay?
  20. KAY: Darling - I don't know - I haven't even started! Maybe - about fifty?
    Fifty - that's a lot of people staring at you.
  21. KAY: Maybe less - maybe thirty or forty -
    Kay - will you - will you do something for me?
  22. KAY: What, darling?
    Will you say after me, "I solemnly promise there won't be more than fifty people!"
  23. KAY: I solemnly promise there won't be more than fifty people! [Kiss. Doorbell.] Darn doorbell!
    Should you go?
  24. KIM: Let's see if Delilah will - I don't want to move.
    Me, either -
  25. KAY: Buckley - I think she's right. Open it - Mom - Mom. [Start working at the string.]
    MRS. BANKS: Yes
    [Pull out pocket knife.] Darn string!
  26. KAY: I'm so excited - help me, Buckley - A tray! Oh! Isn't it stunning!
    That's a beauty.
  27. MRS. BANKS: Write it in your bride's book right away, Kay -
    KAY: Oh! I must, mustn't I?
    What's a bride's book?
  28. MRS. BANKS: Describe it, Kay - you may get another tray.
    KAY: Wood -
    Doodabs carved on the handles.
  29. KAY: There! Number one!
    And I must go, darling -
  30. KAY: Oh! Must you?
    [To Mr. and Mrs. Banks] Don't forget, the folks are expecting you two to dinner tonight.
  31. MRS. BANKS: No, dear - we'll be there.
    I hope you like them.
  32. MRS. BANKS: Of course we will.
    BUCKLEY: Bye, now - [leave with Kay].
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