FotB Act II Buckley

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  1. KAY: Right down. Oh! Buckley... it seems DAYS since I've seen you!
    [Tense.] I know. There are always so many people and telephones and doorbells and things... Are you really alone?
  2. KAY: Yes, darling.
    Before I forget... I promised Mother... It's a note for you I was to give you the minute I arrived... here...
  3. KAY: Must I read it right away?
    No... no... it was only she was afraid I'd forget... I forget things lately... And I can't stay... She's invited some cousins to dinner and she said I HAD to come.
  4. KAY: AGAIN?
    It seems they have money or something... she's digging up relatives. She says she is thinking of us... they might be useful.
  5. KAY: Oh, DEAR! I did want you to stay to dinner.
    Kay... I wanted to talk to you.
  6. KAY: What is it, Buckley? You act awfully peculiar... are you troubled about something?
    Kay... I wanted to ask you something.
  7. KAY: Well, darling... what?
    I can't... I can't do it!
  8. KAY: There's nothing you can't ask me, Buckley.
    Darling... would you... I mean... couldn't you pack your suitcase and come away with me right now, this minute?
  9. KAY: Oh! NO Buckley...
    I mean... lots of people elope. There's nothing wrong about eloping. We could go just anywhere. I've got the car outside. I've got the license. We could find someone to marry us tonight... You could just put a few things in a bag... and we could go.
  10. KAY: But... but... what happened, darling?
    It's just more cousins for dinner and more presents and more and more... [Point at the presents...] What are we supposed to do with all those things they sent us? It looks like a fifteen-room house with five servants. We could just get married tonight and go somewhere nice for a few days and then go home to the little house, couldn't we?
  11. KAY: Darling... let's talk about it!
    Kay, what is that thing that looks like a card index?
  12. KAY: It is a card index.
    It is a card index? What for?
  13. KAY: The guests, darling... but it's just to try and cut the list down, dear!
    A card index to cut it down! Kay... HOW BIG IS IT?
  14. KAY: But just temporarily... on paper... it... well, it got awfully out of control! Pop's secretary is working on it.
    His secretary! Kay, tell me the truth. How big is it!
  15. KAY: Buckley... I tried and tried... you ask one person and then you don't ask the second one and then you know the second one will be mortally wounded because you asked the first one and didn't ask her... and it just keeps going like that... and you can't stop... and everybody has so many relatives...
    [Sternly.] Kay...
  16. KAY: Yes, Buckley...?
    How many?
  17. KAY: Two hundred and something... I mean... three hundred and something.
    Three hundred and something! Is that all a promise means to you?
  18. KAY: No... it isn't, darling... I meant it when I promised...
    But not enough to keep it!
  19. KAY: How dare you talk to me like that, Buckley Dunstan! I did my best to keep it...
    It's the principle of the thing! How can I trust my wife if she starts off like that?
  20. KAY: Well, don't trust me, then... it's not my fault!
    You know you want it big... you really want it big... You're lying about it!
  21. KAY: I am not lying. I never said I wanted it small. I don't care whether it's big or small. I just want it simple and lovely. You were the one who wanted it small.
    You're cheating, Kay!
  22. KAY: I'm not cheating. I'm trying to have it the way you want it.
    It looks that way! Why, you wouldn't care if there were a thousand people there.
  23. KAY: All right... so I wouldn't! Why should I? I'm not ashamed of getting married! I'm not ashamed of you! I don't care how many people are there.
    You admit it!
  24. KAY: Of course I admit it. But I wanted it to be the way you wanted it. And that's more than I can say for you! And I tried and tried...
    How can anyone tell what you want? You say one thing one time and another thing another time.
  25. KAY: Buckley Dunstan, are you calling me a liar?
    I'm saying...
  26. KAY: You're calling me a liar! And you called me a cheat and a promise-breaker and you don't love me!
    Kay... that's not true!
  27. KAY: It is so true! Well, I'll tell you something! I think you're selfish... Plenty of other men have had big weddings whether they wanted them or not. And I think you're a coward... and I've fought with my family... until I'm half dead!
    Oh! So now I'm selfish and a coward!
  28. KAY: Yes! And you needn't worry about how many will be at the wedding because there isn't gong to be any wedding.
  29. KAY: And take your mother's letter! You read it!
    Kay, listen... for the last time! Will you marry me now? Just as you are?
  30. KAY: No... I won't!
    All right, then... have it your way. [March off left, slamming door.]
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