7th grade religion

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  1. Who is Yahweh?
    Yahweh is what hebrews call god that gave moses the ten commandments during the exodus.
  2. What is a religious group?
    A religious group is a group that shares the same religion.
  3. What is a ethnic group?
    A ethnic group is a group that shares the same ethnicity.
  4. Who are sunni muslims?
    Sunni muslims are one type of muslim that belived that after muhammad's death that a successor should be appointed and be the best educated.
  5. Who are shia muslims?
    Shia muslims are the other type of muslims that belived after muhammad's death that the next leader should be related to muhammad.
  6. What is Islam?
    Islam is one of the three monotheistic religions that was founded by a man named muhammad in mecca.
  7. What is Judaisim?
    Judaisim is another one of the three monotheistic religions.Judaisim is one of the oldest of the three.
  8. What is Christianity?
    Christianity is the last of the three religions.Jesus of nazareth made this relgion.
  9. What is the definition of monotheism?
    Monotheism means you belive in the same god.
  10. Who is Allah?
    Allah is what muslims call god.
  11. Who is Abraham?
    Abraham is the original ancestor of all three mono theistic religions.
  12. Who is Jesus?
    Jesus is the founder of christianity.
  13. Who is Muhammad?
    Muhammad is the founder of Islam.
  14. What is the Torah?
    The torah are the first five books of the bible.
  15. What is the Quran?
    The quran is the book that muhammad's followers wrote in.
  16. What are the five pillars of Islam?
    • 1.Declaration of faith
    • 2.Fasts
    • 3.Charity
    • 4.Pilgrimage to Mecca
    • 5.Pray five times a day facing Mecca
  17. What is Jerusalem?
    Jerusalem is were jews settle after WW2.
  18. What is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries?
    This is a group that checks to see how much oil these countries in SW Asia give to other countries.
  19. What was the Arab-Israeli conflict?
    When the arabs were forced to a different state when a partition was signed.
  20. What is the Law of return?
    The law of return is alaw that if you live a bad life you return to earth til you have a good life.
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