FotB Act III Scene 1 Buckley

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  1. MRS. BANKS: All right, dear.
    BANKS: Go upstairs. I'll call you.
    Mr. Banks... I... I...
  2. BANKS: Later, Buckley... Have you had breakfast?
    No... sir.
  3. BANKS: Delilah... a cup of hot coffee, please!
    DELILAH: Yes, sir!
    Kay told you, did she?
  4. BANKS: Yes... some... she didn't explain.
    How could she?
  5. BANKS: We were worried about you, Buckley! Where were you?
  6. BANKS: Anywhere in particular?
    Just around and around. I don't know where!
  7. DELILAH: Mr. Buckley!
    Hello, Delilah.
  8. BANKS: Give him the coffee, Delilah.
    See? Even Delilah knows I'm no good...
  9. BANKS: Drink the coffee, Buckley.
    How's Kay?
  10. BANKS: Asleep.
    Mr. Banks, I talked to Kay as if... as if she were... I accused her of things... I called her names... I called her a liar and a cheat... I walked out on her!
  11. BANKS: Why?
    Because she promised me... a long time ago- that there would be only fifty people...
  12. BANKS: At the wedding? She did? So - that was why she was so upset?
    Yes, and then I found out... and I accused her of deceiving me deliberately...
  13. BANKS: What made you change your mind, Buckley?
    Mr. Banks, I gave Kay a letter from my mother and she didn't open it and after we quarreled she threw it at me and told me to read it myself... and I did... somewhere in the middle of the night.
  14. BANKS: And...?
    It was my mother's list of people she wanted invited... my friends!
  15. BANKS: My gosh! We forgot about your list!
    There were a hundred and thirty-five people on Mother's list... one hundred and thirty-five... Mr. Banks, why don't you throw me out?
  16. BANKS: Because I find I like you, son.
    You couldn't like me!
  17. BANKS: I find I do. Cheer up, Buckley...
    I accused Kay of making it bigger and bigger because she wanted a big wedding secretly, and she admitted it, Mr. Banks, but she said she tried to keep it the way I wanted it but she couldn't. And I didn't believe her and I insulted her... and then my own mother... (Face in my hands.)
  18. BANKS: Buckley... let's say that theer are certain things in which men and women don't see eye to eye... Are you listening?
    [Keep face buried.] Yes, sir?
  19. BANKS: Did you ever hear of a man who wanted a Big Wedding?
    [Look up.] No, I didn't!
  20. BANKS: There may be a few, but I never met one. And yet there are a lot of big weddings. I deduce from that that most women do want a Big Wedding... including your mother, including Kay's mother, and including Kay.
    But why? Mr. Banks. If I could only see why...
  21. BANKS: Now you've got it, Buckley... stick to that... "if I could only see why," and to make it harder, half the time the women don't know "why" themselves.
    Do you know, Mr. Banks?
  22. BANKS: Sometimes I do... now... it takes working at... You think of getting married as a very private thing.
    Yes... I can't help it, I do, Mr. Banks.
  23. BANKS: You're wrong, Buckley. I'll tell you what's really happening: you're being paraded in front of the tribe and you've got a great big sign on you ten feet square and the sign reads "This one is mine. Look at him and remember he is mine, and if he strays or is stolen he is to be returned to me! By tribal law he is to be returned to me."
    Well, for gosh' sake! That's awful!
  24. BANKS: Buckley, we do sometimes stray and get stolen.
    How can you say a thing like that! I wouldn't any more do that to Kay... You've not right...
  25. BANKS: I know, son, but it does happen...
    Yes... I guess it does...
  26. BANKS: And then there's the other side of it. In case everyone should think the poor guy's just a sucker, the bride wears a sign ten feet square, too, and it says, "Don't feel sorry for him. Look at me. I'm beautiful. I'm worth it."
    Do you really think it's that?
  27. BANKS: Yes. I do.
    [Rise, pacing.] You mean that's the way Kay thinks about it?
  28. BANKS: No! No! Buckley! She doesn't think about it that way at all... but that's the way she feels without knowing it... and it's very confusing for her because she's trying to please you, too.
    I can see it would be confusing... and I was... I talked to her like a brute!
  29. BANKS: Why don't we say you talked like a man and she talked like a woman, and neither one knew what the other was talking about!
    You don't think I'm... I'm... well... a skunk?
  30. BANKS: No. Just regulation!
    [Deep breath, stand straight.] Do you think she'd see me?
  31. BANKS: No skin off your nose to try... Ellie... Ellie...
    MRS. BANKS: I'll ask her.
    [Pacing nervously.] Do you think it's possible she might forgive me?
  32. BANKS: It's possible... yes.
    So far so good! And I'm going for a walk. Ive got a lot of telephoning to do at the corner drug-store...
    Oh! Don't go, Mr. Banks, sir!
  33. BANKS: You're on your own now, Buckley.
    [Sit down. Kay walks in. Stand up. Meet her halfway.]
  34. BANKS: Darling!
    [Rush into her arms.] Kay, I love you!
  35. KAY: Oh, darling! Are you all right? I thought you were dead!
    Can you ever forgive me?
  36. KAY: It wasn't you! I was the one who was awful.
    No! No! It was all my fault.
  37. KAY: Kiss me please! [Kiss.] I thought and thought all night!
    So did I. I drove around and around in circles.
  38. KAY: Buckley!
    What... darling?
  39. KAY: If I run upstairs and get dressed, will you... will you elope with me right now, this minute?
    Oh! Darling!
  40. KAY: Will you, Buckley?
    No... but... thanks for offering. I'll never forget it, Kay!
  41. KAY: Why won't you?
    Because I don't mind wearing a sign ten feet square that says I belong to you... and let the whole darn world come and see it... I want them to!
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