History 1700 Test 2

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  1. During the Age of Discovery this Spanish conquistador and explorer alleged tried to find the fountain of youth in Florida
    * Juan Ponce De Leon
  2. This was the last battle of the American Revolution. Surrounded and block off, the British commander Lord Cornwallis eventually surrendered in 1781 in 1781 to the Americas and the French at:
    * The battle of Yorktown
  3. During the Napoleonic wars, a new alliance against France formed in 1805. It include countries of Europe, and this time it include Russia. This is considered Napoleon greatest victory. this is the battle of
    * Austerlitz
  4. What was the big surprise that the British encountered at Hougomont farm during the battle of Waterloo in 1815?
    * A French Giant
  5. How did the Democratic-Republicans James Madison and Thomas Jefferson oppose the Alien and sedition acts of 1798?
    * They countered the issue with the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions, insisting individual states could nullify the acts.
  6. Chief Justice John Marshall acquired the power of judicial review for the supreme court by siding with Jefferson via the case:
    * Marbury vs Madison
  7. This individual will lead the US Navy against Arab pirates in Tripoli in attempt to stop the pirate attacks and save some American hostages that the Arabs had taken. He does save a few of them. This was
    * Stephen Decatur
  8. All of the following were reasons for the war of 1812 except for:
    -The British were seizing American ships and sailors
    -The British were arming the Indians
    - The Americans were thinking about taking over Canada
    - The British were damaging the American economy by inhibiting their trade

    *** The XYZ affair
  9. During war of 1812 this brilliant general will defeat multiple American attempts to take Canada despite being greatly outnumbered by the Americans
    * Sir Isaac Brock
  10. In this battle on October 13, 1812, the  British defeated an American army that outnumbered the British by 6 to 1. The British commander was killed, but he died knowing he defeated the Americans. what was this battle?
    * Battle of Queenston Heights
  11. During war of 1812 the British will crush an American army at the battle of Blandersburg in 1814. After this battle the British will destroy something else. The morale of the Americans will drop significantly after the British destroy this in 1814. what do they do?
    * The British destroy Washington D.C.
  12. The Americans were spared from having to fight a 15,000 man British army invading from Canada in 1814 because of the return of this man to power
    * Napoleon
  13. Andrew Jackson will win an important victory over the British in 1815, with the assistance of French pirates under Jean Lafitte. the British, under General Edward Pakenham, had been attempting to capture a major American city that Americans had acquired in the Louisiana purchase. This American victory occurred after the war had ended. This was the
    * Battle of New Orleans
  14. This person while a prisoner on board a British ship, will write the Star Spangled Banner after watching the bombardment of fort McHenry. Who was this person
    * Francis Scott Key
  15. The democratic reforms that occurred under Andrew Jackson's administration applied only to whites. What did Jackson's Indian removal act of 1830 do? In today's terminology people would probably call in act if "ethnic cleansing."
    * He forced all Indians living east of the Mississippi to move west.
  16. Andre Jackson had several nicknames, including " Old Hickory" due to his tough and aggressive nature. He also had the nickname the " bag of marbles" because of his penchant for:
    * Dueling
  17. This mountain man became famous for his run from the Indians.
    * John Colter
  18. This mountain man became a famous for a legendary story about him sewing his scalp back to his head after retrieving it from a bear
    * Jedidiah smith
  19. All of the following are famous stops along the route of the Oregon Trail except for:
    -Chimney Rock - Independence Rock - Fort Laramie  - Columbia river
    *** Sutter's Mill
  20. Forced from the US army under Colonel Connor effectively ended Indian hostility/resistance the Utah and southern Idaho areas with
    * The battle of Bear River in 1863
  21. Other than threat posed by the Indians, the landscape and climate also presented serious hazards to immigrants traveling west. in 1846-47 one group of immigrants got stuck in the Sierra Nevada mountain after fierce snowstorms blocked the passes. Many immigrants died and some resorted to cannibalism. This group of immigrants was the
    * the Donner and Reed party
  22. The Scottish inventor who made the first modern steam engine
    * James Watt
  23. The English inventor who came up with a process to create relatively cheap and high grade steel
    * Henry Bessemer
  24. This was a major factor that would lead to war between Americans and Mexicans
    * American immigration to what was in Mexico, the rise of a dictatorship in mexico and Texas joining the U.S.
  25. This one legged individual will become the dictator of Mexico in 1833. He had a habit of war all those who opposed him. He led Mexican forces against the Texans at the Alamo and command Mexican forces against the Americans during the Mexican war/ This was:
    * Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
  26. Who were the three famous American leaders in charge of the Alamo?
    * Jim Bowie, David Crockett, William Travis
  27. According to the Mexican chroniclers , when the Mexican dictator called upon David Crockett to beg for his life, what did Crockett say back to him?
    * That he should surrender to him instead
  28. This was the American general who led American forces in northern Mexico. He won the battles of Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma and Buena vista. He would later become President of the United States. This was:
    * Zachary Taylor
  29. This was the last serious obstacle that Americans had to take before capturing Mexico city. this was a well know Mexican military academy. The Americans stormed it with scaling ladders and eventually took it. This was
    * Chapultepec
  30. True or false .The vast majority of white people in both the south and north held racist views
    * True
  31. True or false. the supreme court decided that slavery was unconstitutional in Dred Scott case
    * False
  32. True or false . Abraham Lincoln wanted equality between Whites and Blacks.
    * False
  33. True or false. The vast majority of white Southerners did not own slaves?
    * True
  34. The South wanted to secede from the Union for which reason

    -The south felt under represented in the US government and was tired of having its economy scarified for the benefit of the Northern economy -The south perceived the north as increasing tyrannical and unwilling to negotiate or follow the rule of law - to preserve slavery to preserve its cotton based economy - The State's rights argument, to preserve self representation, and Lincoln's willingness to use force against the south
    ** All of the above
  35. If an average southern soldier was asked what the south was fighting for he probably would say this. The south was fighting to
    * To defend stats's rights, preserve self representation, and to seek its independence.
  36. True or false. Blacks served in the Confederate army?
    * True
  37. This was the reason why the vast majority of Northerners fought in the civil war. Abraham Lincoln himself said this was the reason at the outset of the war. Thus, the north was fighting for
    * To preserve the Union
  38. Abraham Lincoln was the president of the united states of America during the civil war. who was the president of the Confederate States of America?
    * Jefferson Davis
  39. This was the first major battle of the civil war on July, 1861. the Confederate colonel Beauregard managed to rally late in the battle and defeat their Union opponent. Army will come apart when it found its escape route blocked off. the confederate pursue. This was the battle of: 
    * First Bull Run/ First Manassas
  40. At this battle , General Robert E. Lee's 78,500 men defeat Ambrose E. Burnside's  122,000 men. Burnside ordered repeated frontal assault against the rebels who were positioned on the high ground, at Marye's heights, behind a stone wall. 12,000 Yankees were killed. The confederates lost only 1,500 men. It was one of Lee's greates victories. this os where the Irish brigades of both sides fought each other
    * the battle of Fredericksburg
  41. This battle on May 1,2, & 3, 1862 is often considered Lee's most impressive victory. Lee only had 60,000 men. He proceeded to split his army into two parts. He then attacked the federal army of 130,000 men from both flanks and utterly defeated it. This was the battle of
    * The Battle of Chancellorsville
  42. This battle was the largest battle ever fought in North America. It was also the turning point of the civil war. it occurred on July 1,2,&3, 1863. It was a great strategic Union victory that ended Robert E. Lee's second invasion of the North
    * The battle of Gettysburg
  43. while the Americans were busy fighting each other in the civil war the French were toying with the idea of turning of Mexico into one of their puppet states. In other words, the French wanted to make Mexico a colony. They had declared the Austrian Archduke Maximilian the emperor of Mexico and planned to rule through him. The Mexicans quickly rebelled against this. A small French army soon arrived to restore order. The Mexicans, however, resorted to guerrilla warfare to fight them. one of the units in this French army sent over Mexico was the famous French Foreign Legion. It had already gained much fame fighting against the Arabs in north Africa. What was and still is the most famous motto of the Foreign legion?
    * March or die
  44. While on patrol in mexico, a small group of around 60 French foreign Legionaries were ambushed by several thousand Mexicans on April 30, 1863. The French took refuge in a small farmhouse and defeated attack after attack by the Mexicans. What was the name of this place where they tool refuge? It is also the name of the battle
    * Camerone
  45. Towards the end of this battle, the French ran out of ammo. Instead of waiting for the final Mexican attack, the leader of the French patrol decided to charge out and do a bayonet attack on the Mexicans. The leader of this assault had a wooden hand because of previous battles that had cost him his real hand. After prolonged fighting, the Mexicans finally killed all of the French. After the battle was over, people who were exploring the battlefield said they only discovered Mexican bodies and this man's wooden hand. What was the name of the leader of this French patrol? If you join the Foreign Legion today, you have to swear your oath of allegiance to the Legion while placing your hand on this man's wooden hand.
    * Captain Danjou
  46. By 1864 the North had made the transition to a new strategy. Much of the new strategy came directly from Grant's own method of strategy. Grant's strategy was to wear down the strength of his opponent and bleed his enemy white. Grant figured that if the north could kill enough southern soldiers and deplete southern manpower, it would win the war. As long as he kept attacking and despite the heavy losses among his own men, Grant was sure he could win since the North had more men. What was this type of strategy called?
    * Attrition
  47. On May 5 and 6 of 1864 Grant met Lee for the first time in this battle. The Union army under Grant was defeated even though Grant outnumbered Lee two to one. Grant lost 18,000 men, While Lee lost 8,000 men. The wounded men in this battle met with a horrific fate when the forest they were in caught on fire. This was: 
    * the Battle of Wilderness
  48. Under unrelenting pressure from Grant, General Lee's army dug trenches around this town and rail road junction. It was vital that the south keep this last  line of communication to Richmond open. Grants's response was to launch attack after attack on Lee's army and slowly grind it to dust. Grant took enormous  losses in the process. On April 2, 1865, Grant finally broke through Lee's center with an all out assault despite the army of northern Virginia's trenches. What was this last major battle where Lee is finally defeated?
    * Petersburg
  49. General Lee finally surrenders to Grant at this place on April 9, 1865
    * Appomattox court House
  50. True or false. The death toll from the civil war was the second greatest of all american Wars. In terms of American casualties, only world War II exceeded the civil war
    * False
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