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  1. admire
    v. esteem, respect              존경하다

    The whole world admired Amelia Earhart's successful attempt to fly across the Atlantic.
  2. adroit
    adj. skillful, dexteous, proficient      능숙한, 노련한

    Hillary Clinton is a good politician because she is adroit at gaining people's trust.
  3. ambivalent
    adj. unsure, mixed, undecided   불확실한, 상반된 감정이 공존하는

    Joe has ambivalent feelings about getting back into a relationship with his ex-girlfriend.
  4. camouflage
    v. hide, disguise, conceal        감추다, 위장하다

    captain Stencil ordered his troops to camouflage the trenches dug around the battlefields in order to surprise the enemy.
  5. composed (2)
    adj. 1. calm, tranquil            차분한, 침착한

    Kennedy seemed very composed in spite of the stress he was under.

    adj. 2. created, written, formed   작성된, 구성된, 구성되다

    The newly composed Weekly Leading Index is a balance of seven major economic indicators.
  6. conceal
    v. hide, cover, obscure, mask, bury  감추다
  7. deliberate (2)
    adj. 1. careful, thoughtful, cautious   신중한, 숙고

    The Parliament reduced funding for many programs in a deliberate effort to cut the deficit.

    adj. 2. intentional, designed, planned  의도적인, 고의적인

    The film's graphic scenes were a deliberate attempt to grab the attention of a specific audience.
  8. exhilarate
    v. excite, thrill, elate          아주 기쁘게[생기 나게/신나게] 만들다, 들뜨게 하다

    The student was exhilarated when he won a scholarship.
  9. exposure
    n. disclosure, revelation, uncovering, unveiling       폭로, 발각

    The exposure of corruption in the government sparked a public outcry.
  10. glow
    v. shine, radiate, beam.      빛나다

    Joey's face glowed with happiness when he saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time.
  11. hiatus
    n. break, interruption, gap   (행동의) 중단, 단절

    After the rebellion, the country had a peaceful hiatus before another conflict erupted.
  12. incinerate
    v. burn                          소각하다, 태우다

    The rebels would pillage the farmer's villages and incinerate them to the ground.
  13. ineffectively
    adv. without any result, inefficiently, unproductively  비효과적으로
  14. inert
    adj. motionless, inactive, stationary 기력이 없는, 움직일 수 없는

    At the end of the day, Joseph spends half an hour lying inert on the sofa.
  15. luster
    n. sheen, brightness, brilliance radiance 광채, 빛남

    The new cosmetics line will add luster to the skin and hair.
  16. massive
    adj. huge, colossal, enormous, bulky, large  거대한, 막대한
  17. occupy
    v. engross, engage, absorb     (주의, 마음을) 끌따, 사로잡다

    The school teacher prepared several activities to keep the children occupied.
  18. precede
    v. come before, antecede, forerun   …에 앞서다[선행하다] 우선하다.

    A recovery in airline stocks typically precedes a rebound in the economy.
  19. prove
    v. verify, substantiate, confirm   입증하다
  20. purchase
    v. buy, procure      얻다, 획득하다, 구매하다
  21. restrict
    v. limit, confine, restrain      제안하다
  22. rupture (2)
    n. 1. breach, burst                 불화, 파열.

    The rupture in Amy and Diana's friendship was never healed.

    V. 2. break apart, burst, split, tear   찢다, 파열시키다

    Patty ruptured her eardrum at the loud rock concert.
  23. scrutiny
    n. examination, investigation, inspection 정밀조사, 철저한 검토

    Closer scrutiny of the archaeological sites has rendered Orville's hypothesis untenable.
  24. seductive
    adj. tempting, enticing         유혹적인

    Nothing is more seductive than the promise of getting something for nothing
  25. seep
    v. go through slowly, pass through slowly, permeate      스며들다,배다

    The gas seeped throughout the entire building before anyone noticed the leaking valve.
  26. segment
    n. portion, division, section, part    부분
  27. shatter
    v. break, pulverize, smash      박살 내다

    A tornado shattered windows of nearby houses last night.
  28. shock
    v. jolt, startle, stun      충격을 주다, 놀라게 하다
  29. significant
    adj. important, essential, considerable, substatial, serious           중요한

    The dolphin-safe campaign brought significant change to the tuna industry.
  30. slab
    n. single piece of material    평판, 판(돌・목재같이 단단한 물질로 된, 어느 정도 두껍고 평평한 조각)

    The patio was made of enormous granite slabs.
  31. slaughter
    v. massacre, butcher, kill       학살하다

    Endangered animals are slaughtered for traditional medicines.
  32. strife
    n. conflict, struggle, fight      갈등, 불화, 다툼, 싸움

    Selfishness is a major cause of strife in modern society.
  33. style
    n. mode, manner, technique         방식

    The boss employs an abrasive style of leadership in his relations with employees.
  34. sustained
    adj. continued, constant, prolonged, steady    지속적인

    Running a marathon requires sustained physical activity and great endurance.
  35. temperance
    n. moderation, continence, self-discipine (도덕적・종교적 신념에 따른) 금주, 자제, 절제

    During her reign, Queen Victoria instilled the virtues of thrift, temperance, and hard work into the minds of the British people.
  36. tremendous
    adj. huge, great, gigantic     엄청난

    The Arab-Israeli conflict has had a tremendous impact on the world economy.
  37. vivid
    adj. bright, brilliant, graphic, pictorial 선명한, 생생한
  38. wedge
    v. cram, squeeze, crowd      억지로 밀어 넣다, 쐐기

    Every morning Cynthia wedges herself into the shuffling crowd on the subway.
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