Ch. 10 Mindfulness

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  1. What is mindfulness?
    openness to novelty and sensitivity to context and perspective. Mindfulness involves cultivation and awareness of everyday happenings and physiological and psychological sensations; overcoming the desire to reduce uncertainty in everyday life; overriding the tendency to engage in automatic behavior; and engaging less frequently in evaluating oneself, others, and situations.
  2. How is mindfulness defined by Dr. Ellen Langer?
    a flexible state of mind an openness to novelty, a process of actively drawing novel distinctions. When we are mindful, we become sensitive to context and perspective; we are situated in the present.
  3. What research supports Dr. Ellen Langer's definition of mindfulness?
    providing the elderly at a residential care facility with either houseplants to tend by themselves over a period of a few months or told that the staff would care for the plants for them. Those who took care of their own plants were more alert and happy at the end of the study compared to those whose plants were taken care of by the staff.
  4. How does Bishop define mindfulness?
    two-component system, self-regulated attention is honed on current personal experience, and emotional openness facilitates the acceptance and appreciation of all internal experiences.
  5. What are the key qualities of mindfulness?
    non-judging, non-striving, acceptance, patience, trust, openness, letting go, gentleness, generosity, empathy, gratitude, loving-kindness
  6. What does the research say about the benefits of mindfulness?
    mindfulness leads to increased feelings of being able to manage things in life; increased levels of empathy, and decreased levels of anxiety and depression; decrease in stress levels, increase in quality of sleep and positive feelings about oneself.
  7. How does cultural intelligence relate to mindfulness?
    cultural intelligence is the ability to interact effectively with people who are culturally different. thus connecting behavior and knowledge with mindfulness leading to effective cross-cultural interaction. (example: being aware of one's biases)
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