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  1. HIV/AIDS transmission
    • unprotected sex with someone with HIV
    • Sharing needles, syringes, rinse water, or other equipment with someone with HIV
    Asymptomatic by itself
  3. HIV/AIDS Diagnoses
    • antibody screening tests: antibodies for HIV
    • RNA testing
  4. HIV/AIDS vaccine
  5. HIV/AIDS reportable disease in Illinois
    Yes, within 7 days
  6. HIV/AIDS education
    • tell partner or partners to prevent spread and encourage testing
    • don't share needles and be careful when it comes to contact with any body fluids
    • abstinence is the best way to prevent the spread of HIV
    • You are immunosuppressed so avoid contracting acute illnesses
  7. Inhalation anthrax transmission
    Inhalation of anthrax spores
  8. Inhalation anthrax signs and symptoms
    fever, chills, chest discomfort, shortness of breath, confusion, dizziness, cough, nausea and vomiting, stomach pains, headache, sweats, fatigue, body aches
  9. Inhalation anthrax onset of symptoms
    One day to 2 months
  10. Inhalation anthrax diagnosis
    blood, spinal fluid, or respiratory secretion sample for presence of Bacillus anthracis and/or antibodies or toxins
  11. Inhalation anthrax treatment
    IV antibiotics and antitoxin
  12. Inhalation anthrax vaccine
    Yes, but no available to the general public
  13. Inhalation Anthrax reportable disease Illinois
  14. Inhalation anthrax education
    • Can be spread through contact with wild and domestic grazing animals
    • if signs and symptoms of anthrax poisoning occur or if exposure is suspected immediate medical assistance is recommended
    • Level B or C protective ensemble should be worn until threat has subsided
  15. Measles transmission
    • Air droplets of a cough or sneeze
    • Direct contact from an infected person
  16. Measles signs and symptoms
    cough, fatigue, runny nose, "pink eye", rash, white spots in mouth
  17. measles onset of symptoms
    One to two weeks
  18. measles diagnosis
    serum testing through heel/finger stick
  19. measles treatment
    • Isolation
    • Reduce fever
    • Encourage plenty of fluids and rest
  20. measles vaccine
  21. measles reportable in Illinos
    Yes within 24 hours
  22. measles education
    • Contagious 4 days before and after rash onset
    • Immunization is best preventive measurement
  23. Mumps transmission
    droplet and direct contact with infected saliva
  24. mumps signs and symptoms
    • 50% asymptomatic 
    • Classic S&S: fever, headache, myalgia, fatigue, anorexia, respiratory symptoms, unilateral or bilateral swollen and tender salivary glands (parotitis)
    • Can result in hearing loss, meningitis, swelling of the testes or ovaries, and rarely, death
  25. Mumps onset of symptoms
    16-18 post infection
  26. Mumps diagnosis
    • Symptoms, blood draw
    • oral or buccal swab or urine sample to test for mumps RNA
  27. Mumps treatment
    supportive in nature
  28. Mumps vaccine
  29. Mumps reportable disease in Illinois
  30. Mumps education
    • Masks worn while in contact
    • Highly contagious 
    • do not share food or drinks, practice good hygiene, regularly clean surfaces, and avoid close contact
    • Vaccine doesn't indicate immunity
  31. Rubella transmission
    contact with infected person through coughing and sneezing
  32. Rubella signs and symptoms
    • Children: rash, fever, sore throat
    • Older children and adults: low fever, malaise, lymphadenopathy, upper respiratory symptoms before the rash, arthralgia and arthritis (adults)
  33. Rubella diagnosis
    positive viral culture or serum positive with antibody titer or serum rubella IgM
  34. Rubella treatment
    Isolation and supportive
  35. Rubella vaccine
  36. Rubella reportable in Illinois
  37. Rubella education
    Should be vaccinated especially potential mothers due to birth defects
  38. Lyme disease transmission
    bite of infected ticks which needs to be attached for 36-48 hours
  39. Lyme disease signs and symptoms
    • erythema migrans (bulls-eye rash), Bells palsy, severe headache, neck stiffness due to meningitis, pain and swelling in the large joints, shooting pains, heart palpitations, and dizziness 
    • arthritis and short term problems
  40. Lyme disease onset of symptoms
    3-30 days with the rash being the first sign
  41. Lyme disease diagnose
    Lab tests for antibodies (EIA and IFA) and then a Western blot (immunoblot test)
  42. Lyme disease treatment
    • antibiotics: doxycycline, amoxicillina, and cefuroxine axetil
    • if cardiac or neurologic forms are present: penicillin and celftriaxone IV
  43. Lyme disease vaccine
  44. Lyme disease reportable disease in Illinois
    Mandatory within 7 days
  45. Lyme disease education
    • avoid tick-infested habitats
    • use repellants, protective clothing, and regularly check for attached ticks
    • remove a tick promptly 
    • repellant needs to be reapplied every 1-2 hours
  46. Plague transmission
    flea bites, contact with infected tissue or infectious droplets
  47. Plague signs and symptoms
    fever, chills, weakness, buboes, pneumonia, abdominal pain, bleeding, or shock
  48. Plague onset of symptoms
  49. Plague diagnosis
    blood or tissue samples of sudden painful lymph nodes (Bubo)
  50. Plague treatment
  51. Plague vaccine
  52. Plague reportable disease in Illinois
    Yes, immediately
  53. Plague education
    • Report fever or illness that is followed by rodent, cat, or flea bites
    • Protect pets from fleas
    • wear gloves if handling infected animals
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