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  1. group purchasing org = negotiates prices for hospitals and institutions but does not make the actual purchase for institution
  2. purchase from drug manufacturers = allows pharmacies to purchase in bulk = savings
  3. purchase from wholesalers = stocks meds from all manuf, pharmacies able to purchase when needed
  4. government = requires pharmacies to use dea form 222 to purchase schedule II's
  5. just in time ordering = ordering b4 running out, shipped immediately
  6. point of sale = deducted as dispensed & automatically reordered
  7. purchase order = form used to order drugs/supplies from wholesaler
  8. a dosage form is a system/device for delivering a drug to a biologic system
  9. solids advantages:
    easy to pkg, transport, store & dispense
    convenient for self-medication, lack smell/taste, stable, predivided dosage, suited for sr or dr meds
  10. solid dosage forms
    tablets: compressed or molded
    capsules: drug in gelatin shell & dissolves in 10 to 20 min, solid or liquid, spheric or ovoid, produced manually or punch method
    effervescent salts: granules or powders
    implants or pellets: under skin thru injection for long periods
    lozenges, troches or pastilles: solid w/flavoring & dissolves
    pellets: cylinders implanted subcutaneously
    plasters: adhere 2/skin
    powders: ground substance used internally/externally
    suppositories: solid, inserted in orifices
  11. liquids advantages:
    *effective more quickly
    *convenience of administration
    *uniformity & flexibility
    doesn't cause GI distress like solids
  12. Disadvantages of liquids
    deterioration & loss of potency
    may need sweetening or flavoring
    incompatibilities of dissolved subs
    may require preservatives
    inaccurate patient measuring
  13. solutions: solute dissolved in a solvent
    aromatic waters
    collodion: topical, contains pyroxylin, dissolved in alcohol/ether
    elixir: clear, sweet, flavored, contains water & alcohol
    enema: rectally for cleansing/drug admin
    extract: ingredients r/removed from source thru t/solvents
    douche: irrigating/bathing solution
    isotonic: =same tone/osmolarity of another substance, no loss/gain of water
    liniments: alcoholic/oleaginous solutions/emulsions applied thru rubbing
    spirits: alcoholic/hydroalcoholic contain volatile aromatic ingredients
    syrups: aqueous contains sucrose or its substitutes
    tinctures: alcoholic/hydroalcoholic solutions/pure chemicals/extracts
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