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  1. acquaintance (n)
    • Bekannter (m), Bekannte (f)
    • I saw an old acquaintance of mine today.
  2. arrogant (adj)
    • arrogant
    • He’s so arrogant
    • he thinks he’s the best at everything.
  3. banquet (n)
    • Bankett (n), Festessen (f)
    • A state banquet was held in honour of the visiting President.
  4. bargain (v) /"bA;gIn AmE "bA;r-/
    • handeln
    • He wasn’t prepared to bargain over the price.
  5. bound (adj) /baUnd/
    • vorherbestimmt
    • She is bound to ask why the report is late.
  6. build a relationship (phrase) /%bIld @ rI"leISnSIp/
    • eine Beziehung aufbauen
    • He has built good relationships with his clients.
  7. cabinet (n) /"k&bIn@t/
    • Vitrine (f),
    • Wandschrank (m)
    • We need some new kitchen cabinets.
  8. caterer (n) /"keIt@r@(r)/
    • Partyservice (m)
    • Have you booked a caterer for the conference?
  9. come across (phr v) /kVm @"krQs AmE -"krA;s/
    • wirken herüberkommen
    • She comes across well in interviews.
  10. complex (adj) /"kQmpleks AmE k@m"pleks/
    • kompliziert, di? erenziert
    • It’s a very complex problem.
  11. confident (adj) /"kQnfId@nt AmE" "kA;n-/
    • überzeugt, zuversichtlich
    • I’m con? dent he’ll do well in the job.
  12. confirm (v) /k@n"f3;m AmE -"f3;rm/
    • bestätigen
    • She called to con? rm our reservations.
  13. cover for (phr v) /"kVv@ f@(r) AmE "kVv@r/
    • einspringen für
    • I’m covering for Tom while he’s on holiday.
  14. create an impression (phrase) /krI%eIt @n Im"preSn/
    • einen Eindruck vermitteln
    • The hotel lobby creates an impression of luxury.
  15. creativity (n) /krieI"tIvIti/
    • Kreativität (f)
    • Creativity is more important to us than technical skill.
  16. exhibition (n) /%eksI"bISn/
    • Ausstellung (f)
    • We visited an exhibition of technological products.
  17. expensive (adj) /Ik"spensIv/
    • teuer
    • He wore an expensive watch.
  18. extravagance (n) /Ik"str&v@g@ns/
    • Extravaganz (f), Ausgefallenheit (f)
    • Getting taxis everywhere is an extravagance.
  19. favourable (adj) /"feIv@r@bl/
    • positiv, vorteilhaft
    • She made a favourable impression on her new team.
  20. forge (v) /fO;dZ AmE fO;rdZ/
    • aufbauen
    • He forged a successful career in the music business.
  21. functional (adj) /"fVnkS@nl/
    • funktionell, zweckmäßig
    • The of? ce is functional rather than stylish.
  22. gain (v) /geIn/
    • erreichen
    • We won’t gain anything from delaying the decision.
  23. glossy (adj) /"glQsi AmE "glA;si/
    • glänzend
    • She handed me a glossy travel brochure.
  24. have a reputation (phrase) /h&v @ %repju"teISn/
    • einen Ruf haben
    • He has a reputation for never being on time.
  25. ineffective (adj) /InI"fektIv/ unwirksam,
    • inefektiv
    • The problem was ineffective management.
  26. innovation (n) /In@"veISn/
    • Innovation (f), Neuerung (f)
    • The company is known for technological innnovation.
  27. interpret (v) /In"t3;prIt AmE -"t3;rp-/
    • dolmetschen
    • She couldn’t speak much English so I interpreted for her.
  28. maternity leave (n) /m@"t3;n@ti li;v AmE -"t3;rn-/
    • Mutterschaftsurlaub (m)
    • Sarah is on maternity leave for six months.
  29. modest (adj) /"mQdIst AmE "mA;d-/
    • bescheiden
    • They live in a modest apartment.
  30. ostentatious (adj) /%Qsten"teIS@s AmE %A;st-/
    • pompös, protzig
    • I don’t like ostentatious gold jewellery.
  31. phenomenon (n) /fi"nQmIn@n AmE -"nA;m-/
    • Phänomen (n)
    • Globalization is a 21st century phenomenon.
  32. portfolio (n) /pO;t"f@Uli@U AmE pO;rt"foUlioU/
    • Portefeuille (n)
    • She has put together a very impressive portfolio.
  33. premises (n) /"premIsIz/
    • Geschäftsräume (f)
    • The company has grown and we need to ? nd new premises.
  34. principles (n pl) /"prIns@plz/
    • Prinzipien (n)
    • He has strong moral principles.
  35. professionalism (n) /pr@"feS@n@lIzm/
    • Professionalismus (m), fachliche Eignung (f)
    • We were impressed by the professionalism of the staff.
  36. project an image (phrase) /pr@%dZekt @n "ImIdZ/
    • einen Eindruck vermitteln
    • They want to project a more positive image of their company.
  37. proof reading (n) /"prU;f ri;dIN/
    • Korrekturlesen (n)
    • The text is ready for proof reading.
  38. provisionally (adv) /pr@"vIZ@n@li/
    • provisorisch
    • The meeting has been provisionally arranged for Friday.
  39. rapport (n) /r&"pO;(r)/
    • gutes Verhältnis (aufbauen) (n)
    • It’s important to build a close rapport with clients.
  40. real estate (n) /"rI;@l IsteIt/
    • Immobilie (f)
    • This is a valuable piece of real estate.
  41. recent (adj) /"ri;s@nt/
    • jüngst
    • Tell me about some of your recent successes.
  42. recommend (v) /%rek@"mend/
    • empfehlen
    • Can you recommend a good lawyer?
  43. referral (n) /rI"f3;r@l AmE -"f3;r-/
    • Empfehlung (f)
    • We get a lot of referrals from other companies.
  44. regarding (prep) /rI"gA;dIN AmE -"gA;rd-/
    • bezüglich
    • Call me if you have any information regarding this matter.
  45. represent (v) /%reprI"zent/
    • repräsentieren, vertreten
    • Your business card should state your name, job title, and the company you represent.
  46. reputation (n) /%repju"teISn/
    • Ruf (m)
    • She has a very good reputation among her fellow professionals.
  47. standardized (adj) /"st&nd@daIzd/
    • standardisiert
    • All our employees sign a standardized contract.
  48. successful (adj) /s@k"sesfl/
    erfolgreich The project was very successful.
  49. suspicious (adj) /s@s"pIS@s/
    • verdächtig (adj) suspekt (adj), argwöhnisch sein (v)
    • His sudden change in behaviour made me suspicious.
  50. switch (v) /swItS/
    • wechseln
    • We’re switching to a new system of invoicing.
  51. synergy (n) /"sIn@dZi AmE -n@rdZi/
    • Synergie (f), Zusammenwirken (n)
    • We aim to create a synergy between members of the team.
  52. take a dislike to (phrase) /%teIk @ dIs"laIk t@/
    • eine Abneigung für etwas emp? nden
    • She took an instant dislike to her new boss.
  53. text (n) /tekst/
    • SMS (f)
    • You can send me the information by e-mail or text.
  54. tradition (n) /tr@"dISn/
    • Tradition (f)
    • British people are said to love tradition.
  55. trustworthy (adj) /"trVstw3;Di AmE -w3;rDi/
    • vertrauenswürdig
    • She needs her assistant to be absolutely trustworthy.
  56. wary (adj) /"we@ri AmE "weri/
    • vorsichtig, argwöhnisch, wachsam
    • Be wary of deals that look too good to be true.
  57. word-of-mouth (adj) /%w3;d @v "maUT/
    • mündlich, über Mundpropaganda
    • Word-of-mouth marketing can be very powerful.
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