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  1. Data may be imported in a number of formats:
    • –ACORD
    • –CEDE 1.0
    • –CSV
    • –UPX
    • –EDM
  2. Import data using:
    AIR ImportExpress
  3. Most important problems are caused by:
    Poor quality data
  4. Enables segregation of data across different operating units within an organization:
    • Business Unit
    • Contains users, projects and data results
  5. Highest structural unit in Touchstone?
  6. What does a project contain?
    Application data such as exposure views, analyses, reports and results
  7. What is an Exposure Set?
    The imported exposure data that resides in the Touchstone exposure database.

    It is produced during the import process.

    It is a collection of contracts and locations.
  8. What is an Exposure View?
    A way for users to create super or subsets of exposure data by referencing single or multiple Exposure Sets.

    An Exposure View is required to work with an Exposure Set.

    Example: Exposure SET is music files on iTunes.  Exposure VIEW is a playlist.
  9. What is Demand Surge?
    Reflects the jump in material and labor costs after a major event.

    AIR uses default Demand Surge functions
  10. What is standard default for Correlation?
  11. With increasing correlation, what happens to uncertainty?
  12. What is Intra-policy Correlation?
    Locations within a policy
  13. What is Inter-Policy Correlation?
    Between policies in a portfolio.
  14. What is Disaggregation?
    Taking low geographic resolution (agg) data to a higher resolution using industry weights by Line of Business.

    Improves estimation of low quality risk locations.
  15. What are Average Properties?
    Enables you to configure the application to apply average physical properties, such as soil type and land use/land cover data, at a region-specific geographic resolution during a loss analysis
  16. For Residential contracts, when are the location limits applied?
    BEFORE the deductible
  17. For Commercial Contracts, when are the location limits applied?
    AFTER the deductibles
  18. Files types that Touchstone can EXPORT to:
    • CLF
    • CSV
    • Database (Cede 2.0)
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