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  1. The approved product for
    undercarriage cleaning is
    Degreaser or gunk type cleaners
  2. In all cases where power washers are used,
    lubrication should be done _________, and ___________.
    The same day, no later than the next day.
  3. Areas to avoid with power washers
    • Alternators
    • diods
    • electrical throttle behind the pump
    • electrical connectors
    • electronics
  4. Indications of abuse with power washers
    • Paint stripping
    • Water in lube areas 
    • erosion in softer materials
    • water in sealed electrical components
  5. Approved Lubrication products
    • Chevron black pearl 
    • aqualube pump
    • oil engine oil 15-40
    • transmission oil (shop only)
    • differential oil (shops only)
  6. Use power lube equipment with a
    maximum air pressure of __ psi.
  7. Areas to be lubed with hand pumped lube guns only:
    • All steering components
    • Clutch throw out bearings
    • Rubber swells on bearings
  8. Members shall not paint the undercarriage of apparatus or any portion thereof,
    except as noted:
    On bare metal to prevent corrosion
  9. who will inspect apparatus undercarriage paint
    during annual test
    Supply and maintenance personnelpersonnel
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