A&P Quiz 9

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  1. Infants
    • Respond to environment with reflexes 
    • Around 9 months develop cause and effect and respond to their name 
    • Develop motor control from head to toes, medial to distal
    • Begin to act purposefully
    • Differentiated movement of head and trunk
    • Crossing mid-line: ability to hand something to the right with only your left hand
  2. Motor Plan
    ability of the brain to create highways and make certain tasks automatic
  3. Gross and Fine Motor Movements of Speech in Infants
    • Gross: cooing
    • Fine: babbling cvcvcv repetition
    • * Articulation is a fine motor movement that is learned later
  4. Speech Sounds
    • Voiced and Unvoiced
    • Sound produced in the VF is harmonic 

    • /b/ is voiced
    • unvoiced sounds added to the lips 
    • unvoiced bilabial sound plosive

    • /p/ is unvoiced
    • unvoiced noise added at the lips
    • unvoiced bilabial sound plosive
  5. Turbulent Noise
    • Fricatives and Affricates produced with turbulent noise
    • Friction put air-stream into turbulence
    • Occurs when you constict the airstream just enough o disturb airflow
    • /s/: unvoiced, lingua-alveolar, fricative
  6. Manner of Production
    How a sound is produced (voiced/unvoiced)
  7. Place of Articulation
    • Where the sound is produced
    • Bilabial, lingua-alveolar, etc.
  8. Affricate
    Stop and fricative
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