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  1. Blood Supply
    • Composed of red and white corpuscles and platelets
    • If stopped to the brain for 5 min or more neurons begin to die
  2. Red Corpuscles
    • Produced in bone marrow
    • Carry oxygen from lungs to rest of the body
  3. White Corpuscles
    Fight infection
  4. Arteries
    • Carry blood away from the heart 
    • strong structure
    • Under pressure 
    • High blood pressure can lead to Heart attack and stroke which can cause brain damage
  5. Veins
    • Carry blood toward heart 
    • Not under pressure 
    • Not as Strong as the arteries
  6. Capillaries
    • Connect arteries to veins
    • Spread out n small vessels to feed the cells
  7. Arteriovenous Malformation
    When veins and arteries connect without capillaries in between
  8. Peripheral Nervous System
    • Composed of cranial and spinal nerves
    • 31 pairs of spinal nerves
    • 22 pairs of cranial nerves
  9. Spinal Nerves
    • Leave spinal cord
    • Dorsal root: carries sensory messages to CNS
    • Ventral Root (anterior): carries messages from CNS
    • 8 Cervical Nerves 
    • 12 Thoracic Nerves 
    • 5 Lumbar Nerves
    • 5 Sacral Nerves 
    • 1 Coccygeal Nerve
  10. Cranial Nerves
    See Handout
  11. Association Tracts
    • Connect the Lobes and allow them to communicate with each other 
    • Not as large as corpus callosum 
    • Stays within one hemisphere
  12. Commissural Tracts
    • Connect 2 hemispheres
    • Corpus callosum largest of these tracts
  13. Autonomic Nervous System
    • Controls involuntary actions of the body 
    • Divided into Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Divisions
    • Alerts Body to stress
  14. Sympathetic Division
    • Speeds up heart rate
    • Constricts peripheral blood vessels and redirects blood
    • Elevates Blood Pressure
    • Raises eyelids and dilates Pupils
  15. Parasympathetic Division
    • Calms body down 
    • Slows heart rate
    • Increases amount of saliva and digestion

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