History Part 3 test

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  1. Stress that the MEN planters in the lower south that had 20+ slaves had
    • High Debt- they threw all money into their farms
    • Frequent Moves- the soil would dry up every 15-20 years
    • Constant Wariness- they had to make sure slaves did work and didn't run away
  2. Planters in the Lower South that had 20+ slaves planted what?
    Rice, Cotton, and Tobacco
  3. What were the duties of the woman of the lower south?
    They were responsible for hospitality of all guests, maintaining the labor of house maids, keeping up with the plantation books, raising children, looking after the garden
  4. What was the biggest stress for WOMEN of the lower south owning more that 20+ slaves?
    The biggest stress was knowing that their husbands were taking advantage of the slave women and having children with them
  5. Small slaveowners that owned 1-19 slaves were what?
    Professionals such as doctors, farmers, hotel operators, the Middle Class. If they owned farms, they produced staples just to be sold on the market
  6. Who were the Yeomen?
    non slave owners in the upper south. independent farmers who were self-sufficient and produced grains and meat.
  7. Poor Whites (squatters)
    Owned bad land. they did not want to work on it because labor was associated with being a slave. they were in ill health because they went barefoot everywhere. they hated slaves because they knew the slaves looked down upon them.
  8. Annual cattle drives
    very important. they drove cattle to the fairs
  9. Hiring out at Harvest Time
    the non slave owners could hire out slaves during the harvest time from the neighboring plantations, because if the slaves weren't doing anything at that time, they could think about running away
  10. Why was there a fear of job competition if slavery was banned?
    if slavery came to an end, there would be an economic downfall because there would not be enough jobs for everybody
  11. Slavery as a Positive Good history
    the southerners argued that slavery was a moral wrong, but that it was a Necessary Evil. also that the basis of ever great civilization was slavery.
  12. Slavery as a Positive Good for Religion
    slavery Christian-ized Africans because it taught them self-control and the responsibility of caring for families. Southerners were very good at finding passages in the bible that was for slavery.
  13. Slavery as a Positive Good for the economy
    the whole American economy was based on slavery. there was enough jobs, whites believed that they were taking care of their slaves
  14. Slavery as a Positive good in terms of Science
    Josiah Nott compared skull cavities of whites and blacks. his conclusion was that whites had bigger brains
  15. Slavery as a Positive Good for security
    slavery was necessary to maintain security in the south so that there was not a war, it was thought that if slaves were free, they would kill all the whites
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