Social Studies - 6th - Europe

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  1. Roughly when did the Middle Ages begin?
    after the fall of the Roman Empire
  2. What was the political system in which peasants contributed labor and food in return for protection by a lord as well as the ability to live on a plot of land?
  3. What was the political system in which Kings gave out land to lesser nobles in return for military service?
  4. What was the name of the document that limited the powers of the King and gave more rights to the nobles?
    Magna Carta
  5. What two countries fought against each other during the Hundred Year War?
    England and France
  6. In 1517, Martin Luther wrote 95 statements attacking the practices of the ___  ____.
    Catholic Church
  7. What were the Crusades?
    A series of military expeditions by Western European Christians to recapture the Holy Lands from the Muslims
  8. What are 3 characteristics of the Renaissance Period?
    • 1.  rebirth of creativity and learning
    • 2. cities grew and class of aristocrats developed
    • 3. people focused on science and reason
  9. What contributed to the spread of Renaissance ideas to/in Europe?
    • Christianity
    • Printing Press
    • Crusades
  10. What are 3 characteristics of Renaissance art?
    • 1.  depictions of religious/christian figures
    • 2.  admiration of the Greeks and Romans
    • 3.  portrayal of realistic looking people
  11. A German monk who protested and criticized the Catholic church?
    Martin Luther
  12. King of the Franks who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor?
  13. An Englishman who wrote tragedies and comedies, as well as other poetry.
    William Shakespeare
  14. Christians who disapproved the practices of the Catholic Church and formed their own religion.
  15. During the Middle Ages, most people were a part of this class.
  16. A famous Renaissance artist who painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.
    Leonardo da Vinci
  17. Wealthy landowners of feudal system.
  18. A 16th Century movement to change church practices.
  19. A rebirth of classical ideas such as art, writing, and architecture.
  20. Who were the Vikings?
    Scandinavians who wanted wealth
  21. During the Middle Ages, where did the peasants live?
    outside the castle walls
  22. Why is Gutenberg's printing press significant?
    Because it gave us books like the Bible
  23. What is the significance of the Reformation?
    It started questioning the Renaissance and led to Protestantism
  24. What is the significance of the Renaissance?
    It challenged traditional beliefs and encouraged creativity
  25. How are the Crusades and the Renaissance connected?
    Crusades brought back Roman and Greek texts and the Renaissance is a rebirth of these ideas
  26. What are the roles of the King, Nobles, Knights, and Peasants during the Middle Ages?
    • Kings - like a president, managed the country
    • Nobles - like manager of the lands
    • Knights - looked after/protected the King
    • Peasants - farmers who raised foods
  27. What are 2 differences between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance?
    • MA - were filled with war, church was more important, art was gothic, they used parchment paper
    • Renaissance - was a rebirth of ideas and thinking, Printing press made books, art was more humanistic
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