Ch. 12 Nervous System b

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  1. What is the plasma membrane of an axon called?
  2. What is the outermost layer of the schwann cell around an axon called?
    The neurilemma
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    Soma (cell body). Control center of neuron. Contains nucleus, nucleolus, mitochondria, rough ER is called Nisll Bodies
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    Dendrites: Input for the cell. receives signals from here.
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    Axon hillock: enlarged portion of the cell body where the axon connects
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    Axon: Cell output. Carries signals out to its branched end with the synaptic knobs. Changes its ion concentration to move a signal, just like muscles.
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    Synaptic knob (bulb): The small bulge at the end of an axon, contains neurotransmitters.
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    Myelin sheath: fatty substance around the axon, speeds up impulse transmission.
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    Node of Ranvier: small gap between Myelin sheaths on the axon, leaves axon exposed.
  10. What is a nerve versus a neuron?
    Nerves are bundles of Axons in wrappings of fibrous connective tissue.
  11. What are interneurons?
    The decision-makers that lie only in the CNS. They receive the signals, decide what to do with them, then send out a response. They make-up 90% of all neurons!
  12. What are the three sheaths of tissue that make up nerves like unto muscles?
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    • Endoneurium: Surrounds each neuron around its myelin sheaths
    • Perineurium: Surrounds each bundle of neurons (fascicle)
    • Epineurium: Surrounds the nerve as a whole
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