Day 14

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  1. actually      
    adv. in fact, as a matter of fact, literally   실제로
  2. adorn
    v. decorate, beautify, ornament      꾸미다, 장식하다

    Christine adorned herself in her finest jewelry for the party.
  3. calculate
    v. figure, determine          추정하다, 어림잡다
  4. claim
    v. call for, declare, demand, request. 요구하다
  5. commemorate
    v. celebrate                기념하다

    To commemorate the victory, Napoleon awarded everyone in his army a medal.
  6. conformity
    n. agreement, accordance     (규칙, 관습에) 따름, 순응, 일치

    American colleges and univerities must act in conformity with immigration laws when accepting international students.
  7. copious
    adj. plentiful, ample, bountiful      풍부한, 엄청난, 방대한

    The copious rainfall in the winter allowed the farmers to irrigate their crops all year.
  8. desire
    v. covet, long for, seek, request     열망하다, 요구하다
  9. diligently
    adv. assiduously, carefully, earnestly, industriously           열심히

    Students must conduct research diligently in doing a term paper of thesis.
  10. enthrall
    v. fascinate, captivate, enchant   매혹하다, 마음을 사로잡다

    Chicago has an on-site museum that will enthrall visitors.
  11. feast (2)
    n. 1. celebration, festival, fiesta          축제

    the company held a feast to celebrate its profitable new conduct.

    v. 2. eat, gorge, indulge         배불리 먹다

    At Thanksgiving, many people get together with their families and feast on traditional foods.
  12. gather
    v. collect, aggregate, assemble     모으다
  13. gauge
    v. measure, calculate, appraise     평가하다, 판단하다, 측정기

    Researchers disagree as to whether IQ scores accurately gauge intelligence
  14. glue
    v. stick, fix, cement, paste      접착시키다
  15. grand
    adj. imposing, stately, august      웅장한
  16. hearten
    v. encourage, inspire, cheer       격려하다, ...에게 용기를 북돋우다.

    The news will greatly hearten the students
  17. hub
    n. center                           중심, 중추

    New Delhi is not really a traveler's destination, but it is a hub city in India.
  18. hybrid
    n. combination, cross, mixture        잡종, 혼합물
  19. impetus
    n. stimulus          자극, 자극제

    Einstein's work provided the impetus for a major shift in the study of physics.
  20. improvise
    v. extemporize, ad-lib          증흥적으로 하다
  21. irresistible
    adj. attractive, fascinating, overwhelming  매혹적인, 저항할 수 있는

    The irresistible bargains at the store caused patronage to increase dramatically.
  22. incised
    adj. carved          새겨진, 짼

    Subtle lighting emphasizes delicately incised patterns and surface inflections.
  23. inherent in
    phr. characteristic of, built in     내재된

    Competition is inherent both in and between human societies.
  24. juvenile
    adj. children's puerile, young          어린, 청소년의
  25. main
    adj. chief, prime, principal             주요한
  26. negligence
    n. carelessness           부주의, 태만

    James would not forgive my negligence in failing to contact him sooner.
  27. outweigh
    v. preponderate, outbalance, override, prevail over     ~보다 뛰어나다

    After thinking about it, Meghan decided that the benehits of her new refrigerator outweighted the exorbitant cost.
  28. pigment
    n. color, dye, tincture           색소

    Ancient Romans extracted purple pigment from shellfish.
  29. plausible
    adj. believable, credible, likely, probable  그럴듯한

    The story seemed plausible, but withnesses said it was untrue.
  30. prudent
    adj. cautious, discreet, careful    조심성 있는, 신중한

    It would have been more prudent for Mrs. Backer to read the rental contract before signing it.
  31. revise
    v. modify, correct, alter, edit       수정하다
  32. spirit
    n. mind                                정신
  33. skillful
    adj. deft, skilled, adept         숙련된

    Kevin is an extremely skillful writer.
  34. tenet
    n. principle, doctorine, dogma  원칙, 주의, 교리

    Evolution is one of the main tenets of modern biology.
  35. transformation
    n. change, conversion, meramorphosis 변화
  36. traverse
    v. cross, go across, pass      가로지르다, 횡단하다

    The moon, planets, and stars traverse the night sky from east to west.
  37. unbearably
    adv. extremely                극도로

    Due to global warming, the summers in the city have become unbearably hot.
  38. variable
    adj. unstable, changeable, inconstant  변하기 쉬운
  39. while
    con. 1. during the time, as long as    ~동안에 ~하는한

    con. 2. although, whereas,         ~할지라도, ~와는 반대로
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