Latin 14

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  1. animal, animalis (i)
    [n] a living creature, animal
  2. aqua, -ae
    [f] water
  3. ars, artis (i)
    [f] art, skill
  4. auris, auris (i)
    [f] ear
  5. civis, civis (i)
    [mf] citizen
  6. ius, iuris
    [n] right, justice, law
  7. mare, maris (i)
    [n] sea
  8. mors, mortis (i)
    [f] death
  9. nubes, nubis (i)
    [f] cloud
  10. os, oris
    [n] mouth, face
  11. pars, partis (i)
    [f] part, share, direction
  12. Roma, -ae
    [f] Rome
  13. turba, -ae
    [f] uproar, disturbance, mob, crowd, multitude
  14. urbs, urbis (i)
    [f] city
  15. vis, vis (i)
    [f] force, power, violence
  16. vires, virium (i)
    [f] strength
  17. a/ab + abl
    away from, from, by
  18. trans + acc
  19. appello (1)
    to speak to, address, call, name
  20. curro, currere, cucurri, cursum
    to run, rush, move quickly
  21. muto (1)
    to change, alter, exchange
  22. teneo, tenere, tenui, tentum
    to hold, keep, possess, restrain
  23. vito (1)
    to avoid, shun
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