Brain Part 2

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  1. What does the brain stem include
    • -the midbrain,
    • -gray matter containing nuclei
    • - white matter contains tracts that connect higher & lower CNS regions.
  2. What area of the brain includes the midbrain, grey matter containing nuclei & white matter containing tracts
    the brain stem
  3. #Where is  the Medulla Oblongata located?
    Located at the inferior portion of the brain stem that connects to the spinal cord
  4. What part of the brain stem lies at the inferior portion that connects to the spinal cord
    the Medulla Oblongata
  5. What does the Medulla Oblongata contain?
    • Contains tracts that relay:
    • :motor output from primary motor cortex to  the spinal cord
    • : sensory input to thalamus
    • : proprioceptive & equilibrium information to the cerebellum
  6. The bridge is another name for what part of the brain
    The Pons
  7. What does the Pons contain

    • :tracts that relay
    • : sensory input to the thalamus
    • : motor output between the primary motor cortex and cerebellum, or from the primary motor cortex to the spinal cord.
  8. What is the Pons concerned with
    Hearing, balance,taste, eye movement, facial expression & sensation, respiratory rhythums.
  9. What part of the brain is concerned with hearing, balance, taste, eye movement, facial expression & sensation and respiratory rhythms
    The Pons.
  10. With Reticular Formation where do where does the neurons extend though
    Neurons extend through the central core of the brain stem & project to the cerebral cortex.
  11. What does the Reticular Formation act as
    A Sensory filter
  12. Retricular Formation acts as a sensory filter what does it filter out
    filters out repetitive, familiar or weak signals
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