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  1. VPAID
    “Video Player-Ad Interface Definition”

    IAB-published industry standard for interactive in-stream video ads.
  2. In-Stream video
    Ads served directly to the video player which occupy the entire video screen.
  3. Pod
    A grouping of video ads into a defined playback sequence.
  4. View Rate
    = Number of times the first frame is rendered / Number of times the ad won an auction
  5. VTR
    View Thru Rate

    = Complete views (user did not skip) / Impressions (ad rendered)
  6. HML

    For engineering stories to get built, they need to be assigned to an HML.
  7. OCR
    • Online Campaign Ratings
    • From Nielsen
    • Similar to GRPs (Gross Rating Points)
  8. IND-ID
    • Profile ID owned by Conversant
    • Defensible differentiator
  9. VBOX
    • Ad-server for direct publishers
    • Handles encoding for multiple formats
    • Currently only used for media clients
  10. "Common Platform"
    Combined Media/Enterprise systems
  11. Eyeview
    -Serving/hosting of customized video

    -Works on any video player (including Youtube)

    -Eyeview hosts lookup table...ability to refresh table is limited
  12. VAST
    • "Video Ad Serving Template"
    • Universal protocol for in-stream ads
    • Managed by IAB
  13. Cobalt
    • New ad-serving system to replace Vbox
    • Implementation will start in Q3
  14. 1. Video Revenue goal for 2014
    2. Enterprise's portion?
    • $40M
    • $10M
  15. Currently, what % of video sold by Conversant is "standard" pre-roll?
  16. VMAP
    • Video Multiple Ad Playlist
    • Allows content providers to pre-define ad breaks
    • Standard is maintained by IAB
  17. Codec
    Video format: MP4, Quicktime, Avi, WMV etc.
  18. Bumper Ad
    • Linear ad with clickable call-to-action
    • Typically short (3-10 seconds)
  19. Current CPM charged for CRM video?
  20. XML
    • EXtensible Markup Language
    • XML structures, stores, and transports information.
  21. CTT
    • "Creative Testing Tool"
    • Internal tool for testing creative
  22. CPA
    Cost Per Acquisition
  23. Total Digital Ad Market in 2013?

    Video's portion?
    TOTAL: ~$42B

    VIDEO: ~ $3B (7%)
  24. TRP
    Target Rating Points

    = GRP x In Target %
  25. Brand Lift metrics can measure:
    • Awareness
    • Attitudes
    • Favorability
    • Purchase Intent
    • Preference
  26. What does Comscore vCE measure?
    • In-Target delivery %
    • Viewability %
  27. What does OTT stand for?

    What does it mean/do?
    Over The Top

    Video not controlled by the delivery network (ISP, cable, etc.). OTT delivery channels include Roku, Xbox, Apple TV, chromecast, etc.
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