NUR1020 Skin integrity + Wound healing

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  1. excoriation
    denuding of skin (e.g. too long covered with feces)
  2. maceration
  3. fever
    • increased amount of oxygen needed
    • danger of maceration
  4. clean wound
    • uninfected
    • minimal inflammation
  5. clean-contaminated wounds
    surgical incisions that enter the gastrointestinal, geniturinary or respiratory tract-> increased risk for infection-> but there is no obvious infection yet
  6. contaminated wounds
    • major break in asepsis occured
    • risk for¬†infection very high
  7. infected
    bacteria counts > 100,000 organisms per gram of tissue, or

    beta-hemolytic-streptococci any count
  8. superficial
    • only epidermal layer of skin affected
    • usually friction, shearing, burning
  9. partial thickness wounds
    extend through epidermis but not through dermis
  10. full thickness wounds
    • extend into subcutaneous tissue and beyond
    • descriptor "penetrating" is sometimes added
  11. hemostasis
    • blood vessels constric to prevent blood
    • platelets and other processes produce a blood clott
    • stopping of the flow of blood
  12. inflammatory response
    • cleansing
    • 1-5 days
    • hemostasis and inflammation
  13. proliferative phase
    • = regeneration phase
    • day 5-21 (or 3-24 days)
    • cells fill in wound defect and resurface skin
    • new blood and lymph vessels
    • -> granulate tissue
  14. maturation phase
    • epithelialization/ remodeling
    • final phase
    • 2nd - 3rd week - 3-6 months
    • collagen fibers are broken down and remodeled into organized structure
    • scar only 80% as strong as original tissue

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NUR1020 Skin integrity + Wound healing
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NUR1020 Skin integrity Wound healing

NUR1020, Skin integrity + Wound healing
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