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  1. Ionic compound
    Tend to have high melting points and are good conductors of electricity when they are in a molten liquid state
  2. Molecular compound
    Much lower melting points and tend to be gases, liquids, or low melting solids. They do not conduct electricity in the molten state
  3. Chemical bond
    The attractive force that holds two atoms together in a more complex unit
  4. Ionic bond
    A chemical bond formed through the transfer of one or more electrons from one atom or group of atoms to another, resulting from the attraction of positive and negative ions for each other
  5. Covalent bond
    A chemical bond formed through the sharing of one or more pairs of electrons between two atoms
  6. Valence electrons
    Electrons in the outermost electron shell of a representative element or noble gas element
  7. Lewis symbol
    A chemical symbol of an element surrounded by Dots equal in number to the number of valence electrons present in the atom of the element
  8. Octet rule
    Informing compounds, atoms of elements lose, gain, or share electrons in such a way as to produce a noble gas electron configuration for each of the atoms involved
  9. Anion
    A negatively charged atom
  10. Cation
    A positively charged ion
  11. Isoelectronic species
    Ions, or an atom and ions, having the same number and configurations of electrons.
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