Keywords Tait Ch.2

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  1. Define Central Powers.
    • Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey & Bulgaria. 
    • Were known as the Central Powers in the First World War.
  2. Define Secret Diplomacy.
    Negotiations taking place behind closed doors
  3. Define Bolshevism
    The Bolshevik party seized power in Russia in November 1917. Led by Lenin, the bolshviks supported communism. The word "Bolshevism" became a derogatory term for communism
  4. Define Big Three
    Who and for which countries
    And a small explanation
    • Lloyd George, Britain
    • Clemenceau, France
    • Woodrow Wilson, USA
    • These men dominated the peacemaking process. They represented the strongest countries that had defeated the Central Powers
  5. Define 14 points
    Wilson's peace programme, the 14 points was announced to the US Congress in Jan 1918.
  6. Define reparations
    Compensation paid by the defeated states to the victors.
  7. Define Self-Determination
    The right of people, usually of the same nationality to set up their own govt. and rule themselves.
  8. Define German militarism
    The German army had been a major force in Europe since 1870. German generals had exerted great political influence particularly during the First World War.
  9. Who was Kaiser Wilhem II?
    • German Emperor 1888-1918 
    • When it was clear that the First World War was lost, he abidicated and fled to the Netherlands.
  10. Define Buffer State
    A neutral country lying between 2 others whose relations are, or may become strained.
  11. Define Rhineland
    The part of Germany to the west of the River Rhine
  12. Define Demilitarised
    Not occupied by military forces
  13. Define Plebiscite
    A vote by the people on one specific issue - like a referendum
  14. Define Polish Corridor
    A stretch of land which gave Poland access to the Baltic Sea but which cut off East Prussia from the rest of Germany.
  15. Define Mandates
    The system created in the Peace Settlement for the supervision of all the colonies of Germany (and Turkey) by the League of Nations.
  16. Define Capital Ships
    Warships of the largest and most heavily armoured class, eg Battleships.
  17. Define Scapa Flow
    A major British naval base in the Orkney Islands.
  18. Define German Problem
    Since 1871, Germany had been the strongest nation in Europe. The Treaty of Versailles reduced but didn't destroy Germany's potential power. The German problem was essentially Germany's Power.
  19. Define Hapsburg Empire
    Until 1918 the Austro-Hungarian Empire, ruled for centuries by the Hapsburg family had controlled much of central and eastern Europe.
  20. Define Ottoman Empire
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