Homeowners Part 2

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  1. Section II of the homeowners policy includes two coverages:
    • Personal liability (Coverage E) provides coverage against the financial consequences of the insured’s legal liability to other parties for bodily injury and property damage.
    • Medical expenses to others (Coverage F) provides a goodwill type of payment that is made regardless of liability.
  2. Additional Coverages of Section II
    • claim expenses
    • first aid expenses
    • damage to property of others
    • loss assessment
  3. Personal Liability Exceptions
    • Six exclusions apply solely to the personal liability coverage—not the medical payments to others coverage:
    • loss assessment and contractual
    • property damage to property an insured owns
    • property damage to property rented to, occupied, or used by an insured
    • bodily injury to any person eligible to receive other benefits
    • nuclear
    • bodily injury to named insured or any insured family member
  4. Medical Payments to Others Exclusions
    • Residence Employee Exclusion- not covered if they are away from insured location and injured outside the scope of employment.
    • Any person eligible to receive other benefits.
    • Nuclear Exclusion
    • Other persons, other than residence employee, regularly residing in insured location
  5. Selected Homeowners Endorsements
    • Home Business Insurance Coverage Endorsement
    • Permitted Incidental Occupancies Endorsement
    • Home Day Care Coverage Endorsement
  6. Boatowners Property Coverage
    Generally open perils, usually includes portable property and operates on an actual cash value basis.
  7. Boatowners Liability Coverage
    typically provides personal liability coverage, defense costs, and medical payments.
  8. Uninsured Watercraft Coverage
    pays compensatory damages arising from bodily injury the insured is legally entitled to recover from the owner or operator of another uninsured watercraft.
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