Commercial Property Insurance

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  1. Commercial Property Conditions (CP 00 90)
    The Commercial Property Conditions (CP 00 90) form, which is attached to nearly all commercial property policies, contains conditions that apply only to coverage under an ISO commercial property policy.
  2. Building & Personal Property Coverage Form (CP 00 10)
    the basic direct damage coverage form.
  3. Commercial Causes of Loss Forms
    • Basic Causes of Loss Form (CP 10 10)
    • Broad Causes of Loss Form (CP 10 20)
    • Special Causes of Loss Form (CP 10 30)
  4. The ISO building and personal property coverage form establishes three categories of covered property:
    • building property
    • business personal property of the insured
    • personal property of others

    In the standard form, covered property is valued at actual cash value, and it is subject to a coinsurance provision.
  5. Condominium Association Coverage Form
    Similar to the building and personal property coverage form but excludes personal property belonging to individual unit owners. A unit owner's insurance clause grants permission for a unit owner to have insurance covering the same property. Association coverage is primary and insurer waives subrogation.
  6. Builders Risk Coverage Form
    designed to cover buildings under construction. Insured must maintain insurance equal to 100% of the buildings completed value.
  7. Two Advantages of the Special Causes of Loss Form (CP 10 30)
    • covers most types of theft
    • more difficult for insurer to deny coverage
  8. Selected Commercial Endorsements
    • Ordinance or Law Coverage (CP 04 05)
    • Spoilage Coverage (CP 04 40)
    • Peak Season Limit of Insurance (CP 12 30)
    • Value Reporting Form (CP 13 10)
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