Drug Classifications

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  1. Therapeutic Action: Analgesic
    • Physiologic Action: alpha-Adrenergic blocker
    • Body System: Cardiovascular Agent
    • Chemical type: Barbituate
  2. Therapeutic Action: Anticoagulant
    • Physiologic Action: Cholinergic
    • Body System: Dermatologic agent
    • Chemical Type: Benzodiazepine
  3. Therapeutic Action: Antiemetic
    • Physiologic Action: Diuretic
    • Body System: Opthamalic preperation
    • Chemical Type: Hormone
  4. Therapeutic Action: Antihistamine
    • Physiologic Action: Hemostatic
    • Body System: Urinary Tract Agent
    • Chemical Type: Narcotic
  5. Therapeutic Action: Antihypertensive
    • Physiologic Action: Histamine receptor antagonis
    • Body System: N/A
    • Chemical Type: Oxytocic
  6. Therapeutic Action: Anti-inflammatory
    • Physiologic Action: Muscle relaxant antagonist
    • Body System: N/A
    • Chemical Type: Steroid
  7. Therapeutic Action: Antineoplastic
    • Physiologic Action: Narcotic Antagonist
    • Body System: N/A
    • Chemical Type: N/A
  8. Therapeutic Action: Antipyretic
    • Physiologic Action: Tranquilizer
    • Body System: N/A
    • Chemical Type: N/A
  9. Therapeutic Action: Antispasmatic Sedative Thrombolytic
    • Physiologic Action: Vasoconstrictor
    • Body System: N/A
    • Chemical Type: N/A

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Drug Classifications
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Drug Classifications

Drug Classifications
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