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  1. Science
    The study in which humans attempt to organize and explain, in a systematic and logical manner, knowledge about themselves and their surroundings.
  2. Scientific discipline
    A branch of science limited in size and scope to make it more manageable
  3. Scientific research
    The process of methodical investigation into a subject in order to discover new information about the subject
  4. Basic scientific research
    Research whose major focus is the discovery of new fundamental information about humans and other living organisms in the universe in which they live
  5. Applied chemical research
    Research whose major focus is the discovery of products and processes that can be used to benefit humankind
  6. Technology
    The application of applied chemical research to the production of new products to improve human survival, comfort and quality of life
  7. Scientific method
    A set of general procedures based on experimentation and observation used to acquire scientific knowledge and explain natural phenomena
  8. Experiment
    A well-defined, controlled procedure for obtaining information about a system under study.
  9. Observation
    A statement that describes something we see, hear, smell, taste, or feel
  10. Qualitative data
    Non numerical data consisting of general observations about a system under study
  11. Quantitative data
    Numerical data obtained by various measurements on a system under study
  12. Scientific fact
    A reproducible piece of data about some natural phenomenon that is obtained from experimentation
  13. Scientific law
    A generalization that summarizes scientific facts about a natural phenomenon
  14. Scientific hypothesis
    A model or statement that can be tested by experiment, which offers an explanation for a scientific law
  15. Scientific theory
    A scientific hypothesis that has been tested and validated over a long period of time
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