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  1. Law of definite proportions
    In a pure compound, the elements are always present in the same definite proportion by mass.
  2. Formula Mass
    The sum of the atomic masses of all atoms present in one formula unit of a substance, expressed in atomic mass units (amu).
  3. Percent by Mass Composition of a Compound
    The percent by mass of each element present in the compound.
  4. Percent by Mass of an Element in a Compound
    The number of grams of the element present in 100 grams of the compound
  5. Avogadro's Number
    The name given to the value 6.022 x 1023
  6. Mole
    A counting unit based on the number 6.022 x 1023.
  7. Molar Mass
    The mass, in grams, of one mole of atoms, molecules, or formula units of a substance
  8. Molar mass of an Element
    A mass in grams numerically equal to the atomic mass of the element when the element is present it atomic form.
  9. Molar Mass of a Compound
    Amass in grams that is numerically equal to the formula mass of the compound.
  10. Empirical Formula
    A chemical formula that gives the smallest whole number ratio of atoms present in a formula unit of a compound
  11. Molecular Formula
    A chemical formula that gives the actual number of atoms present in a formula unit of a compound
  12. Combustion Analysis
    A method used to measure the amounts of carbon and hydrogen present in a combustible compound that contains these two elements (plus any other elements) when that compound is burned in pure O2
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