Building Science Energy Cods

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  1. The North Carolina 2012 code is based on which IECC?
  2. How many stories is is considered residential?
    3 stories or less
  3. What type of structure is exempt from the Residential Code?
    Historic Buildings
  4. When are historic buildings not exempt from Residential code?
    • Additions
    • Rennovations that expose areas with no insulation
  5. 3 pathways to compliance under Residential Code 2012?
    • Prescpitive
    • Software Tradeoffs
    • Performance (computer modeling)
  6. Who is certified to sign off on a Perfomance pathway to compliance?
    Architects and Engineers
  7. What is the required SHGC for climate zones 3,4 and 5?
    3 and 4 - .3

    5- SHGC is not required because of cold climate
  8. Interior design conditions (temps) for heating and cooling
    Heating: Maximum of 72

    Cooling: Minimum of 75
  9. What is the software that Hers raters use?
  10. What organization provides ResCheck?
  11. What are the U-factors maximums for windows for windows in all three climate zones?
  12. What is the SHGC Maximum for windows in Climate zones 3 and 4
  13. What is the 2012 Energy Code requirement for residential lighting (in terms of % of High EFFICACY!)
    75% High EFFICACY

  14. Why is there no SHGC requirment in climate zone 5?
    Colder climate
  15. What are 2 requirements for heat pump controls?
    • Prevent supplemental heat operation
    • Heat strip outdoor temp lockout
  16. What are two options for compliance with air leakage requirments (Think how you get cfm50 and ach50!)
    • Blower door test .3cfm50/ft2 or 5 ach50
    • Visual Inspection
  17. What is the Energy code insulation requirment for vertical attic access? (u need this around you car windows and R-____)
    • Weather-stripped
    • Insulated to R-5
  18. What type of recessed lighting is required when installation is betweeen the conditioned and unconditioned space?
    Air sealed ICAT
  19. In terms of exterior wall insulation if the code states 13+2.5 what does that mean?
    • 13 cavity
    • 2.5 insulated sheating
  20. In terms of mass walls if insulation requirment states 5/10 what does that mean?
    • Inside insulation R-5
    • Exterior R-10
  21. For air leakage allowances in residential construction what is maximum CFm50/ft2 allowed? ( same as SHGC for windows climate 3 and 4)
    .3 CFM50
  22. When are duct systems not required to be leak tested?
    located inside the building thermal envelope

    Installation of a partial system as a replacement
  23. What is the maximum allowable duck leakage requirement in 2012 Energy Code
    6 cfm/100 ft2
  24. What are two materials that can be used to seal ducts?
    • Mastic
    • UL81 duct Tape
  25. Horizontal Attic hatches must be insulated with?
  26. Vertical attic hatches are insulated with?
  27. Drop Down Hatches are required to be insulated with?
  28. Where can you find insulation certifications within a home?
    Electrical Box
  29. Required Duct insulation unconditioned?
  30. Required duct insulation conditioned space?
  31. All circulation service hot water piping should be ____ insulation?
  32. 5 ways to make a hot water heater more efficient?
    • Location
    • Inside thermal envelope
    • low flow fixtures
    • near most used fixtures
    • tank blanket
  33. What defines a wall as being below grade?
    when 1/2 of wall is below the grade
  34. Insulation enclosures that must get insulated but are often over looked?
    • Tubs
    • Stairs
    • Fireplace
    • attic kneewalls
  35. The areas that must comply to 2012 Energy code are those that are (heating) ___ degF or higher and _____degF or lower (cooling)
    • 50 degF
    • 85 degF
  36. RESCheck allows you to do what?

    When may it not?
    • Allows:
    • Trade-off between components

    • Except:
    • Envelope requirments
    • SHGC can trade-off up to .4 SHGC
  37. Common R-Values (per inch)
    1/2" drywall-
    Double-paned glass-
    Low-e glass-
    Expanded Poly-
    Extruded Poly-
    Polyurethane Foam-
    • Concrete- .2
    • 1/2" drywall- .5
    • Double-paned glass- 1.8
    • Low-e glass- 3
    • Fiberglass- 3-4
    • Cellulose- 3.7
    • Expanded Poly- 4
    • Extruded Poly- 5
    • Icynene- 3.6-3.7
    • Polyurethane Foam- 6.7-7
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