BOP Selected Endorsements

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  1. Protective Safeguards (BP 04 30)
    The protective safeguards endorsement makes maintenance of the protective safeguards that are identified in the endorsement schedule (such as an automatic sprinkler system) a condition of coverage. Voids claims if not maintained.
  2. Utility Services-Direct Damage (BP 04 56)
    adds coverage for damage to the insured's property resulting from an interruption in any of the utility services identified in the endorsement schedule by a covered cause of loss.
  3. Utility Services-Time Element (BP 04 57)
    This endorsement provides coverage for income or expense loss suffered by the insured as a result of an interruption in utility service. For coverage to apply, the utility service interruption must be caused by damage from a covered cause of loss to the types of utility service property identified in the endorsement schedule. Coverage can apply to loss from damage to any of the following types of utility service property: water supply, communication supply (including or excluding transmission lines), and power supply (including or excluding transmission lines.
  4. Hired Auto & Nonowned Auto Liability (BP 04 04)
    The hired auto and nonowned auto liability endorsement is appropriate for use by an insured that does not own any automobiles. It provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage liability in connection with just hired automobiles, just nonowned automobiles, or both, as indicated in the endorsement schedule.
  5. Identity Fraud Expense Coverage (BP 14 01)
    • This endorsement provides coverage for specified expenses incurred by the insured as a direct result of acts of "identity fraud" that are first discovered or learned of during the policy period. 
    • expenses $25,000 limit
    • defense $250/day; $10,000 limit
    • advertising $5,000 limit
    • $250 deductible
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