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Hold On To Your Pants
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  1. agō, agere, ēgī, actus
    to do, perform; drive
  2. audiō, audīre, audīvī, audītus
    to hear, listen to
  3. cadō, cadere, cecidī, cāsūrus
    to fall
  4. caedō, caedere, cecīdī, caesus
    to kill, cut; sacrifice (of animals)
  5. capiō, capere, cēpī, captus
    to take, seize, capture
  6. cēdō, cēdere, cessī, cessus
    to move, proceed**
  7. dīcō, dīcere, dīxī, dictus
    to say, speak, tell
  8. dō, dare, dedī, datus
    to give
  9. dūcō, dūcere, dūxī, ductus
    to lead
  10. faciō, facere, fēcī, factus
    to do; make
  11. habeō, habēre, habuī, habitus
    to have, consider
  12. mittō, mittere, mīsī, missus
    to send
  13. moveō, movēre, mōvī, mōtus
    to move; excite; affect
  14. pōnō, pōnere, posuī, positus
    to put, place
  15. quaerō, quaerere, quaesīvī (or –iī), quaesītus
    to look for, seek; ask
  16. regō, regere, rēxī, rēctus
    to rule
  17. stō, stāre, stetī, statūrus
    to stand
  18. veniō, venire, vēnī, ventūrus
    to come
  19. videō, vidēre, vīdī, vīsus
    to see
  20. vincō, vincere, vīcī, victus
    to conquer, win
  21. eō, īre, iī or īvī, itūrus
    to go
  22. abeō, abēre, abiī or īvī, abitūrus
    to go away, depart
  23. adeō, adīre, adiī or īvī, aditūrus
    to go towards, approach
  24. exeō, exīre, exiī or īvī, exitūrus
    to go out, exit
  25. ineō, inīre, iniī or īvī, initūrus
    to enter; begin
  26. pereō, perīre, periī or īvī, peritūrus
    to perish, die
  27. redeō, redīre, rediī or īvī, reditūrus
    to go back, return
  28. subeō, subīre, subiī or īvī, subitūrus
    to go up; to undergo; to approach
  29. trānseō, trānsīre, trānsiī or īvī, trānsitūrus
    to go across, cross
  30. ferō, ferre, tulī, lātus
    to carry, bear, endure; report, say
  31. adferō, adferre, attulī, adlātus
    to bring to; cause
  32. auferō, auferre, abstulī, ablātus
    to carry away, take away
  33. cōnferō, cōnferre, contulī, collātus
    to bring together, collect; compare; contribute
  34. īnferō, īnferre, retulī, relātus
    to carry back, bring back, report
  35. fīō, fierī, factus sum (fourth conj. forms except infinitive and imperfect subjunctive (fierem)
    to happen, to become
  36. mālō, mālle, māluī
    to prefer, want (something) more
  37. nōlō, nōlle, nōluī
    to be unwilling, not want
  38. volō, velle, voluī
    to wish, want, be willing
  39. possum, posse, potui
    to be able
  40. sum, esse, fuī, futurus
    to be
  41. volō
    1st sg. To Want
  42. vīs
    2nd sg. To Want
  43. vult
    3rd sg. To Want
  44. volumus
    1st pl. To Want
  45. vultis
    2nd pl. To Want
  46. volunt
    3rd pl. To Want
  47. velle
    Infinitive To Want
  48. volēns, entis
    participle To Want
  49. nōlō
    1st sg. Not To Want
  50. nōn vīs
    2nd sg. Not To Want
  51. nōn vult
    3rd sg. Not To Want
  52. nōlumus
    1st pl. Not To Want
  53. nōn vultis
    2nd pl. Not To Want
  54. nōlunt
    3rd pl. Not To Want
  55. nōlle
    Infinitive Not To Want
  56. nōlī, nōlīte
    Imperative Not To Want
  57. nōlēns, ntis
    participle Not To Want
  58. mālo
    1st sg. To Prefer
  59. māvīs
    2nd sg. To Prefer
  60. māvult
    3rd sg. To Prefer
  61. mālumus
    1st pl. To Prefer
  62. māvultis
    2nd pl. To Prefer
  63. mālunt
    3rd pl. To Prefer
  64. mālle
    Infinitive To Prefer
  65. audeō, audēre, ausus sum
    to dare
  66. cōnor, cōnārī, cōnatus sum
    to try
  67. hortor, hortārī, hortātus sum
    to urge, encourage
  68. ingredior, ingredī, ingressus sum
    to enter; march, walk
  69. loquor, loquī, locūtus sum
    to speak, talk, say
  70. morior, morī, mortuus sum
    to die
  71. patior, patī, passus sum
    to suffer, allow
  72. proficīscor, proficīscī, profectus sum
    to set out, depart
  73. sequor, sequī, secūtus sum
    to follow, accompany; pursue
  74. soleō, solēre, solitus sum
    to be accustomed (usually takes an infinite)
  75. ūtor, ūtī, ūsus sum (+abl)
    to use
  76. vereor, verērī, veritus sum
    to fear, be afraid; respect
  77. alius
    other, another (Special Adjective)
  78. alter
    the one, the other, next (Special Adjective)
  79. neuter
    neither (Special Adjective)
  80. nullus
    not any, no (Special Adjective)
  81. solus
    alone, only (Special Adjective)
  82. totus
    whole, entire (Special Adjective)
  83. ullus
    any (Special Adjective)
  84. unus
    one (Special Adjective)
  85. uter
    either, which? (Special Adjective)
  86. uterque
    both, each (of two) (Special Adjective)
  87. ā, ab (+abl)
    away from: Preposition (+abl)
  88. ad (+acc)
    to, toward: Preposition (+acc)
  89. ante (+acc)
    before, in front of: Preposition (+acc)
  90. apud (+acc)
    among, with, near, at: Preposition (+acc)
  91. circum/circā (+acc)
    around: Preposition (+acc)
  92. contrā (+acc)
    opposite; against: Preposition (+acc)
  93. cum (+abl)
    with: Preposition (+abl)
  94. dē (+abl)
    down from; about, concerning: Preposition (+abl)
  95. ē, ex (+abl)
    out of, from: Preposition (+abl)
  96. in (+abl)
    in, on: Preposition (+abl)
  97. in (+acc)
    into, onto, against: Preposition (+acc)
  98. inter (+acc)
    between, among: Preposition (+acc)
  99. ob (+acc)
    because of: Preposition (+acc)
  100. per (+acc)
    through, along; because of; by (in oaths and prayers): Preposition (+acc)
  101. post (+acc)
    behind; after: Preposition (+acc)
  102. prō (+abl)
    in front of; on behalf of; instead of: Preposition (+abl)
  103. propter (+acc)
    because of, on account of: Preposition (+acc)
  104. sine (+abl)
    without: Preposition (+abl)
  105. sub (+abl)
    under, beneath: Preposition (+abl)
  106. sub (+acc)
    to the foot/base of, along under (implying motion): Preposition (+acc)
  107. super (+acc)
    over, above, on (top of): Preposition (+acc)
  108. trans (+acc)
    across, beyond: Preposition (+acc)
  109. ac or atque
    and: Coordinating Conjunction
  110. aut
    or: Coordinating Conjunction
  111. aut… aut…
    either… or….: Coordinating Conjunction
  112. enim
    for; in fact; yes, truly: Coordinating Conjunction
  113. et
    and: Coordinating Conjunction
  114. et…et…
    both…and…: Coordinating Conjunction
  115. nec or neque
    and not, and … not (nec … nec = neither … nor): Coordinating Conjunction
  116. sed
    but: Coordinating Conjunction
  117. -que
    and: Coordinating Conjunction
  118. antequam
    before: Subordinating conjunctions
  119. cum
    when; because, since; although: Subordinating conjunctions
  120. dum
    while, as long as; until (+subjunctive): Subordinating conjunctions
  121. in order that … not (used with subjunctive): Subordinating conjunctions
  122. nisi = nī
    unless, if … not: Subordinating conjunctions
  123. postquam
    after, when: Subordinating conjunctions
  124. quamquam
    although: Subordinating conjunctions
  125. quia
    because: Subordinating conjunctions
  126. quod
    because; since: Subordinating conjunctions
  127. sīn
    but if, if however: Subordinating conjunctions
  128. if: Subordinating conjunctions
  129. ubi
    when; where: Subordinating conjunctions
  130. ut
    in order that; so that: Subordinating conjunctions
  131. at
    but; at least; then: Logical/Sentence Connectors
  132. autem
    however; on the contrary: Logical/Sentence Connectors
  133. enim
    for; in fact; yes, truly: Logical/Sentence Connectors
  134. igitur
    therefore: Logical/Sentence Connectors
  135. inde
    from there; then, from that time forth: Logical/Sentence Connectors
  136. nam
    for (= because); indeed, truly: Logical/Sentence Connectors
  137. tamen
    However, nevertheless, yet: Logical/Sentence Connectors
  138. an (interrog)
    or: Particle
  139. -ne (interrog)
    signals a yes or no question: Particle
  140. ne (negator)
    not: Particle
  141. num (interrog)
    signals a question that expects the answer “no”: Particle
  142. ante
    before (of time or space), in front of; previous: Adverb
  143. bene
    well: Adverb
  144. celeriter
    quickly: Adverb
  145. certē
    certainly, surely, of course; at least: Adverb
  146. circiter
    about, near: Adverb
  147. contra
    in reply; face to face: Adverb
  148. cūr
    why?: Adverb
  149. deinde
    then, next: Adverb
  150. dēnique
    finally, at last; in short; in fact: Adverb
  151. diū
    for a long time: Adverb
  152. et
    even; also: Adverb
  153. etiam
    also; even: Adverb
  154. facile
    easily: Adverb
  155. forsitan
    perhaps: Adverb
  156. forte
    by chance: Adverb
  157. fortiter
    bravely, forcefully: Adverb
  158. hīc
    here: Adverb
  159. hinc
    from this place; hence: Adverb
  160. hodiē
    today: Adverb
  161. iam
    now; already: Adverb
  162. ibi
    there: Adverb
  163. interea
    meanwhile: Adverb
  164. ita
    thus, so, in this way: Adverb
  165. iterum
    again, a second time: Adverb
  166. libere
    freely: Adverb
  167. longe
    longly: Adverb
  168. magis
    more, better: Adverb
  169. magnopere
    greatly: Adverb
  170. male
    badly: Adverb
  171. modo
    just, only: Adverb
  172. mox
    soon: Adverb
  173. multum
    much: Adverb
  174. nē … quidem
    not … even: Adverb
  175. nōn
    not: Adverb
  176. numquam
    never: Adverb
  177. nunc
    now, at present: Adverb
  178. ōlim
    once (upon a time), one day (in the future): Adverb
  179. parum
    very little, insufficient: Adverb
  180. post
    behind, afterwards: Adverb
  181. primo
    at first: Adverb
  182. primum
    first, in the first place, for the first time: Adverb
  183. prius
    before, sooner: Adverb
  184. procul
    far, at a distance: Adverb
  185. quidem
    indeed, certainly, in fact: Adverb
  186. quomodo
    how: Adverb
  187. quoque
    also: Adverb
  188. quot
    how many?: Adverb
  189. quotiens
    how often?: Adverb
  190. saepe
    often: Adverb
  191. semper
    always: Adverb
  192. sīc
    thus, so: Adverb
  193. simul
    at the same time, simultaneously: Adverb
  194. statim
    immediately, at once: Adverb
  195. subitō
    suddenly: Adverb
  196. tam
    so, to such a degree: Adverb
  197. tamen
    However, nevertheless, yet: Adverb
  198. tamquam
    as, just as, just like: Adverb
  199. tandem
    finally: Adverb
  200. ter
    thrice: Adverb
  201. tot
    so many, so much: Adverb
  202. totiēns
    so often: Adverb
  203. tum
    then, at that time; next: Adverb
  204. tunc
    then: Adverb
  205. ubi
    when; where: Adverb
  206. unde
    from where, whence: Adverb
  207. undique
    on all sides: Adverb
  208. utinam
    signals a wish; if only, would that: Adverb
  209. vērō
    in fact, truly, indeed (postpositive): Adverb

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