Reconstruction One

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  1. President of the U.S. after Lincoln. Concerned with reuniting the Union and not Civil Rights
    Andrew Johnson
  2. Designed to advance former slaves rights. Provide jobs, education, transportation etc.
    Freedman's Bureau
  3. States laws meant to limit blacks rights and keep power in the hands of former slave owners.
    Black Codes
  4. To pardon or forgive. Lincoln wanted to give this to South.
  5. To bring up on charges of wrongdoing, happened to President Johnson.
  6. To deny a law being passed, President Johnson did this a lot to Congress.
  7. A response to black codes, tried to give rights to former slaves. (Before 13th Amendment)
    Civil Rights Act of 1866
  8. This Amendment officially made slavery illegal. ( Lincoln movie)
    Thirteenth Amendment
  9. States: President Johnson could not dismiss members of his own cabinet without Congress first approving it.
    Tenure of Office Act
  10. U.S. Grant elected, a vote for Reconstruction.  (What year?)
    Election of 1868
  11. Protection of rights, full citizenship for former slaves.
    Fourteenth Amendment
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