NUR1020 Spirituality

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  1. history of spirituality
    pre christian era: caring for sick = hospitability, charity, praying for god(s) for healing

    early christian era: nurses respcted as one of christ's primart teachings

    post reformation period: nursing orders continue to flourish, nightingale s. as very heart of human nature

    midst 20th century: spiritual care seen as less important-> more science

    today: today s. is of serious concern for nurses
  2. comparison of religion and spirituality
    religion (the map): believes, values, rituals, norms, answers, self image , identity

    spirituality: one's journey, dynamic relationship self, others, ....lifelong process of growth
  3. spiritulaity among cultures
    eastern: being aware, sensitive to reality

    western:  see signs of a higher spirit

    -> most people are satisfied with their belief, support their healing (not convert)

    --> if distress, refer to specialist
  4. what are the core issues of spirituality?
    faith, hope, love

    • faith: purpose of being, faithstruggles might feel anger, guilt, selfjudgement
    • , worthlessness

    hope: achieve, create, shape something of our life-> purpose

    love: often seen as a trade, can cause suffering, death limits time of lovers staying together
  5. cures, miracles, and spiritual healing
    do not give false hope nor say healing is impossible

    healing does not have to imply the end of illness and all suffering

    a miracle is anything that allows for the presence of a higher being/ god/ angel-> see god at work (does not necessarily involve physical cure)

    • -> spiritual phenomena
    • ->mysterious
    • -> difficult to define
  6. how might spiritual beliefs affect health?
    the higher religious involvements the longer the life statistically

    also increased pain tolerance, decreased depression, and anxiety
  7. Major religions, what should I know?
    • be open
    • nonjudgemental
    • how does religious influence affect patient's healing?
  8. judaism
    • one of the oldest religions
    • Torah
    • charity and tolerance
    • orthodox, liberal, conservative, reconstructionist
    • sabbath from sunset friday to sunset saturday (no work for orthodox)
    • kosher foods, no pork, no combination of dairy and meat
    • women prefer t have their body and limbs covered
    • circumsisions
  9. roman catholicism
    • sacraments
    • last rites ...
  10. christian science
    • rely more on god regarding healing then on medical treatment
    • no alcohol or tobbacco
    • probably no blood transfusion
    • usually do not donate or receive organs
  11. jehovah's witnesses
    • do not want blood transfusion
    • , also no organs when blood is involved.
    • no celebration of birthdays and holidays, no tobacco or other recreational drugs
    • may drink alcohol (but not being drunk)
  12. mormonism
    • = book of mormon
    • strict health code
    • no tea,coffee, alcohol, tobacco
    • sacred undergarment (private and treated with respect)
  13. seventh day adventism
    • saturday the day of rest
    • diet, health, conservative principles (no tattoos, piercings,...)
    • no pork, shellfish, unclean foods
    • no caffeine, tobacco, drugs,
    • anti abortion
    • birth control permitted for married couples
  14. Islam
    • koran
    • one god, worship and obeye
    • no pork
    • ramadan needen drugs are allowed
    • always wash hands before eating
    • free flowing water
    • women with female staff
    • never remove writing around neck
    • usually no organ transplant, abortion, and contraception
  15. Bahai
    • outgrow of Islam
    • alcohol not permitted
  16. Hinduism
    • oldest religion-> no single belief or practice
    • several or hundreds of gods
    • ayurvedic medicine: diet, sleep, elimination, hygiene, hot and cold foods, most lactovegetarians (milk but no eggs), fasting is common (only pure foods),
    • free flowing water prefered
    • prefer female staff
    • sometimes sacred threat-> do not cut or remove
  17. sikhism
    • combines Hinduism and Islam
    • mystical branch of Islam
    • one god
    • meditation
    • strict vegetarians
    • alcohol, tobacco forbidden
  18. buddhism
    • not a god but a way of life
    • liberation from suffering
    • eightfold path: right understanding, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, contemplation
    • nirvana = heaven
    • vegetarian, typically no abortion
  19. native american religion
    • earth as living organism
    • body of higher individual
    • when earth is harmed human kind is harmed
    • health as a state of harmony with nature
    • medicine man, often believed to be the better healthcare professional
    • often treated with disrespect by healthcare workers
    • do not take notes-> use memory to record findings later
    • long periods of silence in conversation common
    • impolite to say you did not hear patient-> use quit setting
  20. rastafarianism
    personal dignity and love to god

    • old and new testament of bible
    • no pork, shellfish,
    • no second hand clothing
    • may be anxious about blood transfusion (contamination?)
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