Bio 3 Text Hornworts

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  1. a.      __sporophytes
    b.      Gametophytes resemble __, but are distantly related
                                                                  i.      Some species have cells containing
    • Hornlike 
    • thalloid liverworts
    • many small chloroplasts lacking pyrenoids
  2. a.      Gametophytes
                                                                  i.      __and their __ isn’t apparent
                                                                ii.      Most are __; some are __
    1.      In the bisexual, development of the __usually precedes that of the __
    a.      The __ and __ are sunken on the __ fo the gametophyte with the antheridia clustered in chambers
    • Rosettelike 
    • dichotomous branching
    • unisexual 
    • bisexual
    • antheridia 
    • archegonia
    • antheridia and archegonia
    • dorsal surface
  3. a.      Sporophyte
                                                                  i.      Consists of __
                                                                ii.      Lacks a __
                                                              iii.      Foot penetrates __ and forms __across which the sporophyte obtains __from the gametophyte
                                                              iv.      Early in their development, a __, or zone of actively dividing cells, develops between foot and sporangium
    • foot and long, cylindrical capsule, or sporangium
    • seta
    • gametophyte tissue
    • placenta 
    • nourishment 
    • meristem
  4. 1.      __ remains active as long as __, so that the sporangium continues to elongate for a prolonged period of time
    a.      Consequently, all stages of spore development can be observed in a __

                                                                ii.      What color?
                                                              iii.      Covered with __ and has __
    • Basal meristem
    • conditions are favorable for growth
    • single sporangium
    • Green
    • cuticle and has stomata that are permanently open
  5.                                                               i.      Maturation of spores begins where and does what?
                                                                ii.      Among the spores are __called __that resemble elaters of liverworts
    • near tip and extends toward the base as the spores mature
    • sterile, elongated, often multicellular structures 
    • pseudoelators
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