Muscles 2a Facial muscles (lab)

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  1. Frontalis

    O Galea aponeurotica

    I Skin of forehead

    A Raise eyebrow
  2. Obicularis Oculi

    O Orbit

    I Eyelids

    A Close eye
  3. Orbicularis Oris

    O Skin around mouth

    I Lips

    A Close and protrude lip
  4. Mentalis

    O Mandible

    I Skin of chin

    A Elevate and protrude lips, as in pouting
  5. Risorius

    O Deep fascia of cheek

    I Modiolus of mouth (corner)

    A Draw mouth laterally (laugh)
  6. Platsyma (not on models)

    O Fascia of deltoid

    I Mandible

    A draws mouth downward (horror)
  7. Buccinator

    O Alveolar process of maxilla and mandible

    I Orbicularis oris

    A Compresses cheek (blowing)
  8. Masseter

    O Zygomatic arch

    I Mandible

    A Elevates mandible
  9. Temporalis (deep to other things)

    O Parietal bone

    I mandible

    A Elevates mandible
  10. Digastric, Anterior and Posterior bellies

    O Mandible, mastoid process

    I Hyoid bone

    A Opens mouth widely
  11. Stylohyoid

    O Styloid process of temporal bone

    I hyoid bone

    A Elevates hyoid
  12. Omohyoid

    O Superior border scapula

    I Hyoid bone

    A Depresses hyoid after elevation

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