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  1. CARF stands for what?
    Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
  2. ASPIRE to Excellence:
    • A- Assess the Enviroment
    • S- Set Strategy
    • P-Persons Served and other Stakeholders- Obtain input
    • I- Implement the Plan
    • R- Review Results
    • E- Effect Change
  3. How many members are on the Board of Directors?
  4. How often do the Board of Directors meet?
  5. How long is a board members term?
    3 years
  6. Whats the Maximum number of years a board member can serve?
    6 years
  7. Who is the current Board Chair?
    Susan Conway
  8. How long has HRMC been providing Services?
    66 years
  9. What is the Centers mission?
    improving the lives of the people we serve.
  10. What is the centers vision?
    We will provide a regional system of mental health and substance abuse treatment,  rehabilitation, and support services that improve the lives of our neighbors with the most persistent and severe disorders, occurring within the most challenging social circumstances. We will accomplish this is an environment that actively values and respects the diversity, talents, strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences of those we serve.
  11. Who is the Compliance and Privacy Officer?
    Paula Hudson
  12. Who would you report corporate compliance concerns  to?
    Your supervisor, Program Management Staff, the compliance officer, or the Center's anonymous hotline.
  13. The center has a non-retaliation policy in response to good faith reporting of compliance concerns. True or False
  14. Client Inquiries/ Complaints are to be sent to who?
    The staff member who has been designated as "Inquiries and Appeals Reviewer" - Currently Tony Murchison
  15. When should Sentinel Events and Incident Reports be submitted?
    When significant medical intervention or death occurs.
  16. Who do you turn in Sentinel Events and Incident Reports  to?
    Compliance Specialist, Karen Sprague.
  17. How aften are Fire Drills conducted?
    1 a month
  18. What should center owned vehicles have in them?
    Fire Extinguisher and first aid kit.
  19. What must be next to every phone in the Center?
    Emergency Contact numbers
  20. What should employee owned vehicles have in them if clients are transported in the vehicle?
    First Aid Kit.
  21. Where can you find the Center's Administrative Policies and Procedures and the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual?
    CenterNet and at the Programs facility.
  22. Where is the Center's organizational chart found?
    CenterNet and in the facilities Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual.
  23. The center has only electronic medical records. True or False?
    False, we have paper and electronic.
  24. How does HRMC maintain security and privacy of Medical records?
    By restricting access to unauthorized users, following the Center's policies and procedures regarding confidentiality.
  25. HRMC staff members must have a password protected screen saver that is programmed for how many minutes of no activity?
  26. How often must passwords be changed?
    Every 6 months.
  27. How should hard copies of PHI be transported?
    in a center, tear-resistant locked bag
  28. Where should hard copies of PHI be discarded to?
    Shred Bins
  29. Privacy concerns should be sent to who?
    Supervisor, program management staff, the compliance officer or the center's anonymous hotline.
  30. QA/QI measures what?
    • The effectiveness of services, the efficiency of services, service access and the satisfaction and other feedback from 
    • A. the person served.
    • B. other stakeholders
  31. Who is the chair of QA/QI
    Tony Murchison
  32. Where can you find program manuals?
    CenterNet and at the programs facility
  33. What must clients be offered a copy of?
    Authorization to Release Information, ROI and treatment plan.
  34. If a person is found ineligible for services what must you document?
    why they were not eligible and where they were referred to.
  35. What does SNAP stand for?
    Strengths, Needs, Abilities and Preferences
  36. HRMC's policy on waiting list?
    We do not have waiting list on outpatient services. We accept referral and prioritize them as clinically appropriate.
  37. What must be documented in the clients on words?
    Goals and SNAP
  38. When does transition planning begin?
    at the earliest point in service delivery.
  39. CARF standards require that we provide post discharge follow up within how many hours if the client is discharged for aggressive or assaultive behavior(must be documented in the clients chart as well)
    72 hours
  40. When are staff trained for Handle with Care?
    During New Employee orientation and annually after that.
  41. When is therapeutic hold used?
    as an emergency intervention used for safety of the client and staff.
  42. What form must be filled out after a therapeutic hold?
    An incident report.
  43. When must a sentinel Event form used?
    If the client requires significant medical intervention
  44. How often are treatment plans updated?
    Every 6 months
  45. How many treatment plans should a client have?
    1 for every program they are in.
  46. What is Quality Records Review?
    It is a a review of the records of the person served. Ongoing monitoring of the quality, appropriateness and utilization of the services provided.
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